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  1. Got it working but dunno how I did to be honest so don’t know what was wrong with it
  2. Added an replace in albos modding folder
  3. Can anybody help just done a fresh reinstall for lspdfr an was get my mods set up again I’m using Albos modding folder for my cars an stuff an just copied that folder from my old folder that work. But now on my new install the cars don’t show as modded cars I have it added to dlclist but I also have custom maps added to dlclist an that don’t work either so I think it might be a problem with the dlclist but don’t know what it is
  4. Only problem I have is frames is pretty bad
  5. @sam I know you were doing your magic an gave us a release of a master piece now to get it installed an enjoy
  6. With all the things that’s happening hints to a release to day but could also be there just get things ready for a end of the month release
  7. I wanna stay active in case it does release to day cause knowing my luck the minute I stop refreshing it will release an so many people will be downloading it will break (hope not tho ) an then I’ll have to wait longer
  8. Hmm maybe if it so I gonna have a late night but have work in the morning
  9. If to day is the day I’m good a go with a 5 o’clock release so 15 minutes after that I’m going to be sad again cause the chances of a release today is getting lower
  10. I wonder is to day the day I really hope so I’m ready
  11. Went out to the club got bored came home to check or wait
  12. It is now 12:20 pm Sunday 24 in the uk an hopefully a release comes soon would really like to play before the start of the week as I work threw the week an would have to wait to next weekend to get the play but it if I have to wait to the 28th at least it’s only a day I’ll have to wait
  13. I’m gonna go with the 20th,22nd or the 23rd an just hope they don’t make us wait to the 28th
  14. Yeh I’m using that pack atm but the the fire truck siren I’m looking would like a fdny or similar if there is any but I don’t know hot to install just a siren for fire truck so all vehicles don’t have that siren
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