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"Memory low" crashes after ~50-70 minutes of playing

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I recently updated the game, all my hooks, plugins, mods and now I can't play for more than an hour. The game crashes and gives me info that there is not enough RAM on my PC. I think some mod is causing this. I have 8 GB of RAM and it was always enough and I never had these problems. The problems started recently. I think one or more openiv installed mods (mods folder) may be causing this, here's the list of these mods (in the order of me installing them):


1. AI Police Pursuit Disabler
2. Visual V
3. Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul
4. EUP - Law & Order
5. EUP - Serve & Rescue
6. Weapon Sounds Overhaul
7. Ambiance
8. Free Me!
9. World of Variety
10. Grand Theft Auto V Remastered
11. Grand Theft Auto V Remastered Patreon Bonus
12. L.A. Vegetation
13. L.A. Roads
14. Gameconfig (1.0.1493.0) for Limitless Vehicles & Personal Save Game


Here's my list of all hooks and plugins I have installed in my game if it's going to be necessary.



[*] Core Mods:

+ LSPDFR    http://bit.ly/1eyqHHX
+ RAGE Plugin Hook    http://bit.ly/1FCYDd7
+ Script Hook V    http://bit.ly/1J0pPVB
+ Script Hook V Dot Net    http://bit.ly/1Sx5DDn


[*] Scripts/Plugins:

+ AI Police Pursuit Disabler |||    http://bit.ly/2vbnZmC
+ Albo1125.Common    http://bit.ly/2k44acA
+ Ambiance |||*^    http://bit.ly/1MWptAS
+ Arrest Manager    http://bit.ly/2b5waWq
+ Auto Center Steering    http://bit.ly/2uiaTp2
+ Automatic Roadblocks    http://bit.ly/2cYO7uo
+ Better EMS    http://bit.ly/1Ui4ewx
+ Computer+    http://bit.ly/24ZXYyA
+ DarkAPI 2.7    http://bit.ly/2r1WdVx
+ Foot Pursuit Aid    http://bit.ly/2jTeCmk
+ Free Me! |||    http://bit.ly/2n62IGq
+ LSPDFR+    http://bit.ly/29IvI3x
+ Make Peds Calm Again    http://bit.ly/2G7mgSP
+ On Duty Loadout    http://bit.ly/2vx4mGI
+ Open All Interiors    https://bit.ly/1JzESFW
+ Player Location Display    http://bit.ly/1KJARDM
+ Police Smart Radio    http://bit.ly/2ow1cg0
+ Search Warrant    http://bit.ly/2fm63QT
+ Simple Metric/Imperial Speedometer    http://bit.ly/2vl8hlY
+ Simple Trainer    http://bit.ly/1H2g4Dq
+ Snow Mod    http://bit.ly/1PyCiWA
+ Spawn MP Vehicles in SP    https://bit.ly/2GW1bit
+ Spike Strips    http://bit.ly/1nG91ih
+ Spike Strips Backup    https://bit.ly/2n4Kis3
+ Spotlight Mod    http://bit.ly/1Lfjo51
+ Stop The Ped    https://bit.ly/2Ghxvff
+ Traffic Control    http://bit.ly/1OIqYnD
+ Traffic Policer    http://bit.ly/2bdYaZG
+ Traffic Stop Backup    http://bit.ly/2Axr2cZ
+ World of Variety |||    https://bit.ly/2vgNrcm


[*] Callouts (note: some plugins above may have callouts implemented into them):

+ Assorted Callouts    http://bit.ly/2eaucoz
+ Code 3 Callouts    http://bit.ly/1iDCG94
+ Code Red Callouts    http://bit.ly/2uyThR7
+ LPCallouts    http://bit.ly/2g7vCDQ
+ Miscellaneous Callouts    http://bit.ly/2oHEK2y
+ OJCallouts    http://bit.ly/2wDB2zH
+ PeterU Callouts    http://bit.ly/1rLhXVa
+ Tacco Highway Callouts    http://bit.ly/2piX85H
+ Wilderness Callouts    http://bit.ly/1DvYQDC


[*] Physics/Graphics/Sounds improving Mods:

+ Better Dispatch Audio    http://bit.ly/2hCnu0g
+ EUP - Law & Order |||    http://bit.ly/2tDRdbD
+ EUP - Serve & Rescue |||    http://bit.ly/2flUgC8
+ EUP Menu    http://bit.ly/2ghXKo2
+ Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul |||    http://bit.ly/2vFo8zx
+ Grand Theft Auto V Remastered |||    https://bit.ly/2GXydP3
+ Grand Theft Auto V Remastered Patreon Bonus |||    https://bit.ly/2qw0uBm
+ L.A. Roads |||    https://bit.ly/29dhYx0
+ L.A. Vegetation |||    https://bit.ly/2IWdpDY
+ Weapon Sounds Overhaul |||    http://bit.ly/1TIrFC3
+ Visual V |||    http://bit.ly/1dgsFuY


*^One or more files are installed outside of OpenIV


Edit: Okay now I'm pretty sure it's caused by Grand Theft Auto V Remastered mod. It was making problems after last update because gameconfing isn't updated there. It was crashing the game instantly, on load. I downloaded some different gameconfig and it let the game to load but not it plays just for an hour more or less, that's not enough. I'm not going to use this mod for now. Or maybe forever. Such a shame.

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Too much plugins and etc brings up the ram usage, me having 16 gb when its using 10gb -2 from google chrome it starts bitching but maybe remove some plugins if the post above doesnt work 

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