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    aw yikes i feel stupid... had it all off 😛
    Also, where would i find an alternative to "keep peds calm" since i heard there is issues with it? And i just hate getting ran over or civs running away from me for "no reason"
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    kevinnick1120 reacted to BlueLineBacker in Police Use Taser on Woman, 87, Who Family Says Was Cutting Dandelions   
    The Police did not just show up and tase her. A local YMCA Youth Club counselor  called regarding her, as she was cutting flowers in-front of their facility (For her husband, not saying it's wrong.). and that's the only reason the police were there. Remember, one bad apple does not spoil the bunch. US Law Enforcement is usually not this aggressive with the senior community. This is a rare instance of one officer screwing up. It does not mean the US Police are evil murderers, and or paint a picture of US Law Enforcement as a whole. H3H3 a popular youtuber has a lot of similiar opinions to those shared on this thread, and a Police Youtuber went through his anti-police ranting and simply states the facts. If you are actually interested on what led up to and happened after this incident and how it's being viewed and discussed in the US, look no further.