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  1. kevinnick1120

    Crimea school attack

    jesus christ, when will this shit stop? Really fucked up that this happens. Its sad... I hope the victims of this horrible attack will be alright.
  2. kevinnick1120

    [ELS] San Andreas State Police Pack

    Nice looking cars, used the Tahoe and Charger. Only thing i dont like is the windows not working and u cant tint them etc, then if you try to shoot them out that doesn't work but other then that beatiful cars.
  3. kevinnick1120

    [ELS] 2014 AMG E-Class DUI/Unmarked

    not bad at all from the photos seen much worse lol. I think its cool, different cars not the usual i see...
  4. kevinnick1120

    RPH Crashes

  5. Editing the weapons.meta makes my game crash, im running it with rage, lspdfr tried without rage and lspdfr and it gets in game but when i try to change combat pistol clipsize to from 12 to 17 and Timeinbetweenshots from 2.8 to 1 second it doesnt seem to want to do that change. Any tips? Using OPENIV ofc.
  6. kevinnick1120

    Newest 0.63 ragepluginhook says 0.62, unsupported 1493 patch.

    Nmv fixed for now
  7. kevinnick1120

    [SOLVED] GTA 5 blurry/pixelated graphics

    Turn up the settings, higher resolution, better monitor or check ur eyes.
  8. Decided to reset to fix my documents folder getting fucked by windows update, now im having issues with installing the most basic with lspdfr. Got my gta v updated like before version 1493. Then this error shows up in ragehook http://prntscr.com/l5oggm when launching it. Notice it says 0.62 as in the title but i downloaded the 0.63 RPH from the website...
  9. kevinnick1120

    No reticle, and x hit marker how to remove?

    Would that be only ScriptHookVDotNet v2.10.7 and then Regular ScripthookV? So like Scriphookv and scriphoovdotnet? nvm... i installed all of the scriphook stuff and not only the first one and now it works lol. Thank you so much for the help and the plugin. It's dope i like it.
  10. kevinnick1120

    No reticle, and x hit marker how to remove?

    aw yikes, that makes sense...
  11. kevinnick1120

    No reticle, and x hit marker how to remove?

    I installed it, put it in the plugins, doesnt work gettign noticed by rage plugin. When i go ingame to press f8 (119) java code it does not change or remove my reticle. Any help? http://prntscr.com/kzj5be this shows up when i try to load it in game console (f4)
  12. kevinnick1120

    No reticle, and x hit marker how to remove?

    can you use it with modded weapons?
  13. Lookin for some guidance on how to remove my reticle completely and those immersive breaking x markers. Found from gooling a bit a broken mod and some useless threads where i couldnt find an asnwer. Appreciate any help in advance!
  14. kevinnick1120

    LSPDFR Crashing, with report, detailed.

    aw yikes i feel stupid... had it all off Also, where would i find an alternative to "keep peds calm" since i heard there is issues with it? And i just hate getting ran over or civs running away from me for "no reason"
  15. kevinnick1120

    LSPDFR Crashing, with report, detailed.

    I also have a question, with stop the ped when breathanalzying people or drug testing peopople it doesnt show me the results popup for some reason. Any solutions to help with that? Never gotten a fix for that since i started playing lspdfr.