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Installing additional police skins.

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Belongs in "GTA IV" > "content modifications"


Just use SparkIV / OpenIV to open the .wtd file in the vehicles.img in edit mode. Go to the skin that you want to replace, click replace and then navigate to the skin you wish to replace it with.

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Take heed, this does not add to the skins, you are replacing one with another, back up your files

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If you want to add a skin alongside preexisting skins, you can do it, subject to some restrictions.

For CAR skins, you can add a livery if the car supports multiple liveries. If it does, the paintjob names will be (something)_sign_*, where * is a number from 1 to 4. If 1, 2, 3, and 4 are all there, you can't add a livery. If one or more of them is missing, you can add a new livery with the missing number. If the paintjob names aren't in that format, there aren't multiple liveries.

For PED skins, look at my post "Ped texture discoveries" (stickied in content mods) to see the format they use for the name. You can *always* add a ped skin and have it work, but there are sometimes bugs if there are more than 3 skins for one mesh.

To actually add the skins, you need OpenIV. Just open the WTD in "Edit Mode", drag in what you want to add, click "OK" to the mipmaps dialog, select the new image, and hit "rename". Type in the appropriate name, and hit "enter". Hit "save", and you're done.

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