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Released suspects taking Police Vehicle

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Just a funny little bug I found today. I pulled over a car because the drivers license was suspended. I detained the suspect in the back of my car while I waited for the tow truck. Once the tow truck had come and gone I released the suspect because I wasn't going to arrest them for driving with a suspended license. Instead just give them a hefty fine. Once released the suspect will go, get into your vehicle and drive off as if it was theirs.

One another note, the mod is amazing and it can run hours without error! unlike the GTA IV days....

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This was already in 0.2b and mybe before idk.

Arrest them, release and give them a citation made this happening for me several times. 

You have to be quick and stop them. Then you have a real reason to arrest them ^^

But actually i think there is something that makes them "binded" to the police car so its thiers then. If you check, they also changed thier identity. The person is not anymore the person you arrested the first time....

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