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Police Radio is gone

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Hello, I got a fresh install of GTA5 for 0.3 and I deleted all my plugins and decided to download them again when they support 0.3. One vital plugin is the Police Radio mod however this mod is gone from the download list and is no where to be found, I googled it and when I try to get to the mod's page I get this message:

Sorry, there is a problem

We could not locate the item you are trying to view.

Error code: 2D161/2


Can anyone help?

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They are updating the mods, they took it down because they didn't want people downloading old mods.  So give it some time.  Albo decided to probably do Arrest Manager after Traffic Policer, because there is a pick up functionality built into LSPDFR 0.3 now.   He knows that most were using Arrest Manager for that reason.   However, I am sure he already knows that we use this brilliant mod for other things as well.  So look for an update soon as well.

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