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Problems with LCPDFR API.

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Hello. Recently, I began learning to create mods got GTA. I haven't been able to successfully use the LCPDFR API. When I add it as a reference and attempt to use it, it states that the namespace name could not be found (see attatched image). I tried using the api in my own project, and just opening the api example straight from the LCPDFR folder, which already contained the references. I don't know how well I explained this, but hopefully someone had a similar problem and resolved it.


EDIT: Yes, I have tried re-adding at as a reference. I have also tried different versions of lcpdfr and using their api examples, nothings working. Am I doing something wrong in the setup process? 



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It's VS 2015, isn't it?

For some reason VS 2015 is not able to load LCPDFR classes. Considering the fact LMS is busy with RAGE and LSPDFR my advice is to download VS 2013 Community Edition which works OK with the library of the mod. 

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