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Car mod installation instructions?

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I've been looking everywhere for instructions on how to install cars and its like everybody is just supposed to magically know how to do it. Fortunately I figured out how to use OpenIV but I downloaded a new pack of cars for use with ELS v8 and there are configuration files with the car pack and I have no idea where to put that. Can someone help plz? Thanks.

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Moving topic to the correct section. Please make sure to post in the right section in the future

Not everyone knows how to magically do something. They read the readme files. Have you done this? 



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The ELS configuration files go inside the ELS folder, you then need to edit the _SLOTCONTROL.ini file so the paths are correct (ex. If the configuration file is called "police" the path should look like this: File = police).


As ineseri said, please read the included read-me files as instructions are usually included. 


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  • Make your backups of the files you intend to replace/overwrite.
  • Fire up SparkIV or OpenIV. I recommend the latter for vehicle installations.
  • Navigate to pc (if present; you start out in /pc/ in OpenIV) /models/cdimages/
  • If on OpenIV, turn on Edit Mode.
  • Open vehicles.img
  • Copy your vehicle files over. You'll want them to have the same name as another vehicle, as it's much more difficult to manually ADD another car to the vehicle list, have it added to the vehicle rotation, the like. Well, not so much difficult, more tedious. You're done with OpenIV/SparkIV.
  • Copy relevant ELS files to .../ELS
  • Configure ELS settings to your liking.
  • Check all files for handling lines, colour lines, VehOff lines, etc. and paste those lines into their relevant files (in .../common/data) - You're done.
Or you could use a vehicle mod installer if that tickles your fancy, but to talk of such is a taboo last I checked. Edited by EvilJackCarver

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