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LCPDFR 1.0 Crashes: Advanced Hook?

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Hello All,


I've been suffering from LCPD:FR 1.0 Crashes for a while now. I think its something to do with advancedhook.


Here are the logs.






These crashes normally occur after 20-30 Minutes in game. I have no other additional scripts installed apart from LCPD:FR 1.0. These crashes can be caused by anything.


Thanks to all who can help.


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They return a 404 error. Please upload them to imgur or something. Also, as Jay said this might just be a random GTA IV error. 


Here is the image.

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The only advice I can give is to install these




http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5549 (If you haven’t updated GFWL, use this).


Other than that, it's not much to do with GTA IV crashes but to live with them. 


EDIT: 6000th post. Time to go outside again. 

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