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Native trainer help plz...

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Well Hello! I need help with my Native trainer! Today i installed it and everything BUT i cant load the menu!? When i press f3 nothin will pop up i tested to press f4 and then f3 after that but nothing is happening!? Plz help me anyone

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ensure that you have a asi loader either dsound.dll OR xliveless, and an up to date version of scripthook (LCPD:FR comes with both dsound and scripthook and should always be used, and don't replace them), and your trainer.ini and .asi need to be put in to the ROOT GTA IV folder, this is the one that contains the scripts, data, pc, common folders.


If these are in place check your trainer.ini to make sure that it is not disabled from the start. I recommend to turn the Keybindings off so it wont spawn random stuff when your trying to play.

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