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  1. Antix70

    PoliceSmartRadio skin v1

    Police don't use chinese baofeng ham radio civilian hardware. They use Motorola APX/XTS, Harris Electronics, Bendix-King, or Kenwood. But by far the most popular is Motorola because of their digital trunking/P25 Encryption, which the Baofeng's are not capable of.
  2. Antix70

    (4K) Blaine County Sheriffs Office Mega Pack

    Having spent close to seven years building these vehicles for SDSO, it's going to be super cool seeing them in game! Nice work! Edit: They don't have any marked impala's though, so if you could find a caprice to fit your texture to, that'd look pretty cool. If you have any questions about the equipment we used to build their cars, feel free to ask!
    Awesome mod! Only thing I'd ask for is for it to work on blipped cars/suspect vehicles that have moved out of range, currently I have to be pretty close for it to work.
  3. Antix70


    Haven't seen the police vehicle being the suspect vehicles yet, but I was way up in Grapeseed, and I got a callout to the Terrorist take over of the train station in Pillbox Hill, and one other callout down in the city while I was in Sandy Shores. Something's not checking jurisdictions? Do I have any good thing to say, you ask? Hell yeah! I played for three hours last night and not a single PYIC all night! (Might have been caused by not having Computer+ installed because I don't use it, but I installed it anyway. And I see that you will have a fix for this upcoming, but I don't think you're the only callout maker suffering from this issue)
  4. Antix70


    Really like these callouts! Cheep's pretty good at watching comments for bugs/etc, and fixes show up almost as soon as he's aware of the problem!
  5. It's kinda hard to see if LSPDFR+ is actually loaded because its mostly stuff you can't see. Try pressing F9 while on-duty, if the Court System screen shows up, it's loaded.
  6. I'm sorry, too long out to remember at this point.
  7. Starting on my way to a callout I had just accepted. I'm going to install computer+, even though I'll never use it, to see if that helps
  8. @Albo1125 Is this crashlog related to one of your plugins? RagePluginHook.log
  9. Antix70


    Ok, so I got the PYIC (Press Y, Instant Crash) thing again today... I notice that in my log, and some others logs from early on, that it's referencing directory paths that are native to YOUR (Cheep's) machine, and not my own? Is that relevant? Shouldn't it be looking for files where they're stored on my machine? Maybe this means nothing, but I noticed it in the log. Have a look. Two crashes here: After the first one happened, I ReloadAllPlugins and ForceDuty, and as soon as that finished loading, I PYIC again with the first callout. Log Attached. RagePluginHook.log
  10. Antix70


    Thanks for being so quick!