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CA State Parks Tahoe 2013-2016 texture pack with ELS files 2.0.2

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About This File

This is my FIRST EVER attempt at uploading, modifying, and changing anything.  I also DO NOT have any fancy editing software, only Paint, so sorry for that.  It looks okay to me in my game, a few blemishes but oh well.


I used the EUP and like the SASP Rangers, but the uniforms are CA State Parks.  I Love the US Park Ranger file made by Narobic, but it did not fit with the CA Parks uniforms of EUP, so I modified it a little.  I also changed up the ELS light settings to a few different patterns, but keeping the CA Steady burn red. (I even have it on my RL cop car, but I am not even in CA)


This is a somewhat hybrid between the CA State Parks and the US Dept. of the Interior (National Park Service / BLM) green stripe graphics.


I kept the green stripe, added the CA Parks badge, CA exempt plates.  I added my RL call sign of ES-6, but made it 1-E-6 as that is what I have the game call sign set when I get a dispatch. 

I removed the park and just left ranger.  I know these are not real graphics, but I like the look.


**In the newest version I added the call signs, roof text, removed the boating and waterways sign, added California State Parks to the doors of the Tahoe, and removed Ranger in the back and put Law Enforcement. 


In 2.0.2 I made a 2013-2014 version in all green with a silver stripe.  It is meant to be an older graphics package, with the 2015 being a newer package they went to.  I plan on making a white one at some point.  The SeaShark2 is not included, I just made it for fun instead of the Los Santos Lifeguard one (see the screenshots).   


I added a 2015+ Tahoe from Pricefield .  To install it follows the same instructions.  This may also work with TheHurk's but the license plates will not show.  You can use the same ELS file that is included with the EXPEDITION if I remember right, or just use the CHP one with the original file, just rename it pranger.


Again this is just the Texture and the ELS file.  You will need the EXPEDITION from Thehurk.


What I did was install this as the ' PRanger ' vehicle.  The game vehicle file moves more like a Ford Expedition or Tahoe, and using Computer+ will also bring up the State Parks wallpaper when in the vehicle. 


 1- Take the Expedition from Thehurk or the 2015 Tahoe from Pricefield and rename it to PRanger (Or install the 2013-2014 Tahoes as Police through Police4)  And install as it is instructed.  I have used PatchDay14.  It should be GTAV > mods (if used) > update > x64 > dlcpacks > patchday14ng > DLC.RPF > x64 > levels > gta5 > vehicles.rpf and place the PRanger there.  



Once there, edit the PRanger.ytd and replace the exp_sign_1.png with my texture.


---2015 TAHOE--- 

Once there, edit the PRanger.ytd and replace the tahoe_sign_1.png, and also Rambar texture with the included ones. 


2 - Place the ELS XML file into your GTAV > ELS > pack_default


---2013 -  2014 Tahoes---

I installed as Police through Police4 and just replaced the texture in each one.  I also included an ELS file for each police version. 


And you should be good to go.  This is how I installed it, and edited it.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE backup your files, I am not responsible for anything.  Use this at your own risk, remember this is my first attempt at this.  If something does not work, just delete the files as you installed them, and the default PRanger should restore.  




What's New in Version 2.0.2


Added a 2013-2014 version Tahoe for Pricefield's Henderson Pack, along with a modified ELS file.

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Livery looks great on Hurk's Expedition! Thanks & great job.

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