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Dbeehler's EUP 8.0 Preset Outfits Updated!! 1.0.0

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I redid my most downloaded file to be compatible with EUP 8.0!

This ONLY adds outfits for male characters!!!!


I've done the following:

  1. Added gloves to all, class B and C uniforms (LSPD, LSSD, SAHP, and BCSO)
  2.  gloves for K-9 handlers
  3. updated small things I though were missing from the original outfits (i.e. LSPD winter uniform having no beanie, and BCSO task force with no gloves.)


I might do female characters if asked, but I have no desire to do them otherwise. This was originally made by myself for myself. I thought I would share it with people who want to  use it.


I didn't add original "undercover" uniforms here because EUP comes with some that looked better than what I had made!


EUP Law and Order 8.1 required:


Dbeehler- new outfits!
Alex_Ashfold-EUP <3

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