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Emergency uniforms pack - Serve & Rescue 1.3

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EUP - Serve & Rescue is an addition to the regular EUP apparel that contains a plethora of outfits for the various non-LEO agencies of San Andreas. Extinguish fires with your turnout gear, save lives with an EMT uniform, or do some contract work with a construction outfit. You don't have to fight crime to be a hero.



For General discussions, beta registration, support, images contest and more follow this link to our Discord Server:




Need help? Is something went wrong? Not sure how to proceed?
Don't ask for help in the comments, I won't reply



What's New in Version 1.3


News and Updates

1.3 hotfix

- Removed some useless textures placeholder in sup archive (you need to reinstall or you'll experience missing textures with EUP Law & Order)


Misc updates

- Added LML support Temporarily removed as people are experiencing issues with invisible characters

Alex Ashfold, Baud0412, PNWParkfans

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    So I did the auto install and mounted the .oiv files to the mods folder, the menu options appear in the F11 menu but they are empty for both this and Law and Order.  Zero Idea what I should do to proceed since I am not sure where it automatically installs them :P Have been using the mod since it originally launched and love it and this is the first time I have had any issues. (its also a clean GTA install so no previous versions are installed)


    Edit: Sorted the issue out, had an old outdated file that was still being called to for whatever reason. 

    Edited by TheDude
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    Is there a mod that allows you to be a private security officer or a construction worker? Because otherwise those outfits don't make sense.

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    I love this.  The only thing I wish it had was an LE/Pistol Belt/Radio that worked with the Army/National Guard uniform for Military police RP.  Other than that, the USCG and everything is spot on!!597e9c0e0ba5c_GrandTheftAutoV7_30_201710_24_45PM.thumb.png.571389d793577feebd443ab0fb3e690f.png

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    11 hours ago, medic4523 said:

    @Alex_Ashfold what are your thoughts on expanding the fire uniforms to include white shirts (and collar brass) for battalion, deputy, and fire chiefs? 

    Need more space to do that and it's not my top priority

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    Wanna make the installation guide less confusing? I installed this and when I tried to launch the game "Corrupt Game Data". I can't replace the XML files with the original ones so if I can't play GTA V then I'll be pissed.

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    I downloaded the auto installer and tried to install with openIV but it just said that the installation failed. I'm gonna try the manual version now but this kinda sucks. Law and order installed fine automatically. 




    Edit: oops, I forgot that GTA was still running in the background. I'm such an idiot. Love the work btw.

    Edited by Legendary1111
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    Guest anjiofchaos


    so how do i remove the serve and rescue? because this overwrote my NPC police uniforms, and now all the npc police have this weird cross of firefighter and military uniforms, and even in my "on duty" the uniforms i select all got mixed up, i was happy with just the law and order ones, but this one messed up the law and order pack, anyway i can remove it?

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    On 6/8/2019 at 6:52 AM, SCOOTERD12 said:

    Hey Alex could you maybe make los santos airport fire  department and maybe a "san" Fire or a forest fire uniform  

    I would second the Forest Fire Uniform, would be nice on a brush rig in the forests. 

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