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  1. Any specific installation steps? Never have been good at this
  2. Why did you switch from the wheels used on your Rosenbauer engine and ladder to the ones on ur seagrave and Spartan? They look nice, I'm just curious. Furthermore, do u have any pics or know of any departments that have wheels looking like that in real life cause they're kinda neat?
  3. I love the model by the way, its beautiful
  4. Are the ladder trucks piped, as in, do they spray water?
  5. Having trouble getting the ladder to work, what keys do I press to use it? Also, does it go into OpeIV with the rest of the firetruck files, into the ELS folder, or do I make a gadgets folder?
  6. Can someone tell me where I should put the gadgets file?
  7. Is this the kind where u have to replace the train file
  8. Is that federal Q included in American sirens pack?
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