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Braveheart's Policing Script

Version 2.4.2


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  • Submitted: Aug 10 2012 11:17 pm
  • Last Updated: Apr 02 2013 10:56 pm
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  • Approved: 02 April 2013 - 11:17 pm


  • Braveheart


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You do not have my permission to distribute this elsewhere; it is only going to be available on LCPDFR.com.

I trust everyone will adhere to this basic right to control how my work is distributed.

Note: When you accept a call the incident will spawn and begin at the same time, meaning response times are critical. You may arrive on scene to someone stood in the road appearing to be doing nothing, when they may have in fact just killed someone moments before. Or the other person or persons involved may have already ran away or could be hiding near-by. Have a good look around the area in these instances and see what you can find out. Furthermore, each call has several different possibilities in regard to suspect behaviour.

New showcase video thanks to Visible25 aka stealthman46:


A little about this mod

This is a script mod which is intended to enhance the policing experience had from LCPD:FR. It does this by giving you many useful tools such as ordering people out of a vehicle to asking them to get back in and drive away to ordering people out of an area and breathalysing people (in a vehicle or on foot).

The script also creates several random incidents around the city for you to police. With over thirty unique incidents there's plenty to keep your shifts busy. The script is intended for realistic roleplay, the new version does however include GPS routes for most calls. The interval between calls is random which means sometimes you'll be inundated and other times there won't be much going on.

The script has a resist arrest option the purpose of which is to make effecting an arrest more challenging (and realistic). This means when you aim at a person (with a firearm, taser or baton) or use the E arrest (baton/firearm/taser) the resist arrest option will be triggered and the subject, based on several different factors (such as what you're doing, what they're doing, what you both have and health and the situation you're in) will either decide to comply with your orders, resist you or flee from you. If a person is armed, simply aiming at them with a firearm will result in a random chance they'll drop their weapon to the ground and raise their hands.

2.0 beta updates:

-The script was re-written from scratch, credits go to forum member Jorge for assisting me with the script's layout.

-The new version includes a multi-player option which should make multi-player significantly more stable than the previous version.
-The resist arrest option has been toned down to a more tolerable level, it will also work in multi-player.
-You can now decided to accept or decline an incoming call.
-Calls have all been re-written from scratch so there are less of them at this time, but they should be more stable.
-Everything about the script is randomised for greater re-playability.
-You should hear a noise when a call comes through (sometimes it will play a police radio message) and they will remain on screen until either: You accept or decline the call or they code 4.

New calls shall be added in due course.

With this script mod I aim to bring you that much closer to real life policing.


Roads Policing features

  • Stop vehicles (other vehicles will not attempt to overtake)
  • Wave single stopped vehicles on or allow all stopped vehicles to move
  • Breathalyser with either a UK or US setting (if someone's over the limit, there's a chance they'll try to flee)
  • Order a person to step out of their vehicle (there's a chance they'll refuse, try to drive off or try to run away)
  • Order a person to return to their vehicle and resume their journey
General Policing features

  • Order a person to leave the area (there's a chance they'll refuse, use this for disturbance related calls (drunkards, causing annoyance etc))
  • Breathalyse on foot
  • Resist Arrest (Note with this on if you're in a melee fight with a person there's a chance their health will be restored - this is intentional and NOT a bug. It'd be a very very rare occurance if someone was to be beaten to death in real-life)
  • Extra incidents
  • Attempt to throw a person to the ground
I would also like to invite those who enjoy my (hard!) work the opportunity to support me via donation by clicking here (I only offer this as I've had some very generous individuals approach me and offer a donation, I had no means of accepting such an offering until now).


Please ensure you read over these before submitting any bugs to me.

-The ambulance assistance has been removed due to instability, however there exists a chance the script may spawn an ambulance to respond to injured persons. If this occurs, the script may crash.

-You cannot LCPD:FR pull-over cars spawned by the script.
-Calls showing as code 4 is not a bug, this occurs when your game cannot - for one reason or another - spawn the incident (perhaps too much going on on-screen, try again in a quieter area)
-The Shoplifting incident has not yet been implemented.

The old showcase videos follow:

What's New in Version 2.4.2 (See full changelog)

  • --2.4.2
  • Fixed issues with numerous armed individuals call. These calls are now a lot more perilous - especially when running hardcore mode. You'll see what I mean when you take one!
  • --2.4.1
  • Fixed breathalyser freezing peds bug
  • --2.4
  • Added new calls
  • Improved all calls spontaneity (some became a little predictive)
  • Improved breathalyser and fixed crashes
  • Moved and improved a lot of on-screen text
  • Changed how locations are generated
  • Improved follow me command (ALT+H)
  • --2.3
  • Fixed locations not showing up for calls
  • --2.2
  • Made adjustments to various areas of the script
  • Fixed Alt+F ordering out of a vehicle (was crashing a lot before, you now must aim at the person you wish to order out. Avoid aiming at them from the front of you'll freak them out.)
  • Should have fixed breathalyser related crashes too
  • --2.1
  • Various minor tweaks and improvements
  • Made text stay on screen for longer
  • New call added
  • --2.0
  • -Re-written from scratch the script and all calls
  • -More stable in multi- and single player
  • -Resist arrest improved
  • -New structure to calls
  • --1.1
  • -New command to order a suspect to follow you (for a limited amount of time)
  • -Attempted to make Multi-player more stable
  • -Tweaked resist arrest quite a bit
  • -Fixed markers remaining from RTA's
  • -Changed the way calls are generated (you should notice an improved variety)
  • -Few other bug fixes


40th download, looks fantastic so far, a great addition. Nice work
FIRST DOWNLOAD (I'm posting this later tho)
So this turns on when LCPDFR turns on? Or is it activated by a certain key by itself?
The read me/ini file explains everything. Pick and chose which options you want to turn on, use the available key to have incidents randomly spawn and not-available key to delete the last incident and prevent any further from spawning.

So this turns on when LCPDFR turns on? Or is it activated by a certain key by itself?

Technically speaking, the second you start GTAIV, the script is running. Then it becomes active once you want to be active (IE by pressing Alt+Del)
Looks good man. Gonna try it out!! Excited for the variety this will provide.
Good Job BH.......
can you add multiple voice support for when you controlling traffic, or have the script use the set voice the models is using?
Amazing, gonna try it out right now!

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