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  1. If I were you, I would setup two-factor authentication with your phone; it is smart to do that with any social service over the web. Next, remove all unknown apps/games on your Facebook profile and run your antivirus to ensure that your computer is not infected with any malicious items such as key-loggers.
  2. No. I have never understood why people would dare pirate their operating system; it's a huge risk.
  3. The Wisconsin State Patrol has been handing out a lot of unmarked Explorers lately. I always look at the license plate of a vehicle, however, and can usually tell the difference solely on that. Also, if I'm on the interstate and am going to pass a black or blue Explorer, I can usually tell if it's a law enforcement officer by the trim level of the vehicle. Agencies typically don't buy the XLT models (the highest trim level). On the other hand, in the village where my vacation cabin is, they ride around in "undercover" cars that have regular plates! Their patrol vehicles are fully unmarked as well; they just have a lightbar equipped and official plates as opposed to their "undercover" vehicles. I'm always cautious about my speed up there.
  4. I had the tech preview on my work computer and enjoyed the OS considerably more than Windows 8. My personal Windows desktop crashed and I've been reduced down to using my Macbook for the time being, but when I purchase another computer in the coming weeks, I'll be happy with the preloaded Windows 10!
  5. I'll vouch for this idea. Playing LCPDFR in a private match with my friends was always my favorite thing to do. At least from the last time I've checked, if you attempt to play LCPDFR in a public lobby, you're just going to have a lot of conflict issues and your game will likely crash. In regards to the 3rd party multiplayers, none of those are even worth the sweat. IV:MP was the most stable project, and it was subpar at that. I haven't tried or heard of Citizen:IV, however.
  6. ELS: I think that the lights themselves are fine the way they are, but I would enjoy the ability to change the patterns for sure. ENB: The graphics in GTA:V are fine just the way they are; some enhancements wouldn't hurt, however. Handling: One thing that I was most definitely disappointed with in GTA:V was the vehicle handling. I feel as if the handling/damage in GTA:IV was far more realistic for sure; some people may disagree with me, however.
  7. My apologies, I misread the category that this topic was in. I'm about as knowledgeable as you when it comes to GTA:V texturing, unfortunately. As far as I can see right now, I'm not too certain there are any public textures out there. The people who have managed to retexture vehicles made the templates themselves.
  8. Typically, templates will come provided in the archive files that include the modification files themselves. Do you know which vehicle you would like to texture? A helpful guide explaining texturing tips and tricks can be found here.
  9. Look'n good Sam; well choreographed!
  10. People make modifications for the game because they have a passion to see the mod that they are making inside of the game. For example, you are on a site full of law-enforcement enthusiasts, so I would expect to see law-enforcement-related mods as a work in progress. In my opinion, there are enough military vehicles in-game.
  11. Keep me updated on those police vehicles! I used to love roleplaying on Armed Assault and ArmA:2. If you have any Crown Vic models and or Tahoe models, those would be great ideas for your next endeavor!
  12. Do either you or one of your friends have a different script modification installed that may interfere?
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