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  1. Senatov

    Nothing Happens

    I usually can fix my own game, but this one is a stumper. I had to re-install the game due to messed up mods. I did that, installed my new mods, and the game launches and runs fine. But when I try to launch it with RAGE to play LSPDFR, it launches like normal, but when I get into the game, RAGE is not running at all. It says "Loading with RAGE plugin hook etc. etc." in the loading screen, but once GTA 5 loads, F4 does nothing and I can't go on duty. Any idea? No error messages or anything. I just launch the game with RAGE like I always have but when I get there, it's like it's not even running.
  2. For some reason, using a trainer and setting 3 SWAT peds as bodyguards for a SWAT patrol, they will always continuously get in and out of the vehicle you are in so long as it is an emergency vehicle. Why is this? If I choose any other vehicle they will get in the car you are in and stay in it, but with an emergency vehicle, the SWAT ped always keeps getting in and out. This was with the FIB SUV and Police vehicles, but you can try it with any of them. This is the most common "sjaak" trainer. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. OG Here. One of the few people on here with a legal background and a level head. Please let me explain. Been at this stuff for recreation & YouTube since 2011. I made a video explaining the full legal parameters, scope, history, and significance of all of this. Here is the link if you are interested:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_ffiIp218k The TL DR version of it is the following. CALM DOWN. Everyone needs to calm down. This doesn't mean you can't play GTA 5, use GTA 5 mods, or make GTA videos any more. All it means in the most literal sense is that if you update to the Gunrunners DLC, you can't use vehicle, texture, sound mods. You can back up your game and keep using OpenIV and all the mods you want, until something is changed. That's all it means. I'm sure there will be some bootleg Chinese "OpenIV" that will come out. Rockstar's statement on this and their previous behavior would indicate they are not actively opposed to modding. Chill out. Here is the problem. There is no such thing as "GTA Mod Laws." There is copyright law, US Code, case law, case precedents, DMCA, etc. The internet and the digital realm is poorly regulated and even more poorly litigated. The result is that large corporations that can easily pay tweedy $800+/hr Manhattan attorneys to twist the law however is convenient to shake people down, can and will. People can't afford to fight back so it works, right or wrong. While I am hopelessly biased toward the video creators, the modders, etc., I must admit I feel OpenIV is in the wrong. The whole thing exists in a massive grey area as it is, and I know from experience that OpenIV and its creators have always pushed the envelope when it comes to reverse engineering Rockstar's creations. Whether it was the Liberty City to GTA 5 mod (borderline legally indefensible) or simply how far OpenIV's creators got into Rockstar's sock drawer, this was bound to happen. OpenIV's creator(s) acknowledged this as well as the fact they felt it would ultimately happen. Take Two Interactive's bread and butter is GTA Online, Shark Cards, and the proliferation of freemium micro-transaction sausage making. The integrity of GTA Online has always been paramount to Rockstar Games, and OpenIV's continuous reverse engineering of the game's systems, as well as other transgressions which at this point seem to be known only to Take Two's counsel and OpenIV's creator, crossed the line for Take Two. REMEMBER: OpenIV has been around for about 10 years, and it has been around for 2 years for GTA 5 alone. Ask yourself-----why now? Why all of a sudden? OpenIV went too far into Rockstar's proprietary sock drawer. That's why. All we need is a mod that lets you replace a Sultan with a Ferrari; a "SparkIV" for GTA 5. Then all will be well. Just calm down.
  4. It seems like not as many gun sound mods were made for V as there were for IV but I was wondering what people use, if any? Are there any "realistic" sounding mods? Here is a sample video of what I'm thinking of: Thanks.
  5. I was watching on TV today and realized someone needs to make this into a mod:
  6. In the first part of the below video, how do you get that truck/bulldozer/turret thing? It looks like he used a trainer to put a bunch of different vehicles (sandking, bulldozer, insurgent) inside each other and then drove one of them around, but I cannot figure out how to do that, if that's the case. Thanks.
  7. Senatov

    Ragehook Not Initializing

  8. Senatov

    Ragehook Not Initializing

    Hello, For some reason, starting today, Ragehook is not working anymore. I click on Ragehook, it loads up normally, but as soon as the game opens, GTA V loads in normally just like when you load it without Ragehook. I do not get any error messages. I have tried the latest version of Ragehook (0_38_886_6940) as well as the one that came before that (_0_37_885_6928) Neither work. The one that comes with LSPDFR is out of date and also does not work. No errors, no crashes, just nothing happens. Any ideas as to what the problem could be? Thanks.
  9. Senatov


    I just updated the game, installed the new Ragehook and new Scripthook, re-installed all my mods, and the game crashes after about 30 seconds of the loading screen. If I try to load the game up without Ragehook, it works fine. Here is my Ragehook crash log, http://pastebin.com/WktP5vmU. Thanks. UPDATE: I restarted the computer and now it works.
  10. Recently when I was making my American Sniper machinima, I was going through the game's animation list to try to find an animation I needed for a certain scene. As I was going through, I happened to come across this animation called "Steve Jobs Died." There are two, one for Lamar, and one for Stretch. I played each one and it just kind of does a shrugging/hand moving gesture. It looks like I am the first person to find this. I'm not sure why it is there or what it means or anything. Weird. http://youtube.com/watch?v=PotCzMYgTqo
  11. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Senatov

    Downgrade GTA?

    Same problem here. "Revert" does nothing, it just spins for a second but nothing changes.
  13. Senatov

    Lenco Variation

    Awesome! One question--will SWAT bodyguards hang off the side of this truck like with the FBI van, Insurgent, Roosevelt, etc.? Thanks!
  14. Senatov

    Game Crashing Upon Loading LSPDFR

    Yes I just discovered this a minute ago. Updating Arrest manager fixed it, but I uninstalled traffic policer. I'm going to reinstall traffic policer with arrest manager updated and see if it works. Right before the crash, arrest manager put up a little notification saying there was an update. I just noticed now. Will update with details. UPDATE: FIXED! The problem was Arrest Manager needed to be updated. Thanks for the help!