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    Just a huge thanks for being a part of our first ever live stream, you were awesome.

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  1. JFavignano

    Community Spotlight: Zach Houseknecht

    Great job man, don't waste time on people that are salty. They paint such a pretty picture of themselves to the public ;)
  2. JFavignano

    Community Spotlight: Jeff Favignano

    Very cool Albo, I look forward to it!
  3. JFavignano

    Los Santos County Police Impala Livery

    Awesome stuff man, yeah a pack would be awesome!
  4. JFavignano

    Community Spotlight: Jeff Favignano

    Thanks buddy, man that brings back some memories! I used to have my noise gate up so high it would cut off the beginning and end of my words!
  5. JFavignano

    Community Spotlight: Jeff Favignano

    Thank you guys so much, it truly is an honor to be recognized by G17 media! Thank you all for the kind words.
  6. Killin me with these updates, I just want to have a stable version not the RageUI changing on me. Anyway to solve this?
  7. JFavignano

    Community Spotlight: Albo1125

    Amazing scripting and an amazing person! Good luck with the studies man!
  8. love the model just not a fan of the lemon colored TA lights.
  9. JFavignano

    LSFD Ford E450 LAFD Ambulance skin

    Um this is not the texture shown in the screenshot
  10. JFavignano

    I honestly don't see why some modders...

    Absolutely agree 100%
  11. I use the latest version of xpadder, well worth the money ($10) just so I can blip my siren with the dpad down!
  12. JFavignano

    I honestly don't see why some modders...

    well if you are referring to something I did, I simply Beta tested a callout and they gave me permission to record it.
  13. JFavignano

    Improved Spotlight and LED

    LOL at a lot of these comments, make sure you have your post fx turned ON in your graphics options.
  14. JFavignano

    LSPDFR 0.3 Announcement + First Preview

    Awesome stuff guys, looking forward to it!