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  1. Sorry, I didn't mean on the release date. With the features included in 0.4 like AOP and the inclusion of EUP to backup peds, accurately detailed cars are going to compliment it greatly.
  2. LAPD cars with the same detail of your CHP vehicles is gunna work so well with 0.4 coming out! I wish I knew how to make cars, there's a couple sub models I'd like to see.
  3. YES! Now I can start replacing some vanilla cars lol
    A fantastic replica of the CHP's Dodge Charger. Definitely the best when it comes to accuracy and detail. Thank you for supporting my favorite department!
  4. That was it, the cars look great! Thank you!
  5. I took those pictures without Rage and it immediately goes away with cleaning the car so at least for the Chargers it seems to be with the dirt mapping. I don't recall my Vic's having these issues. I'm running VisualV and RadianceV.
  6. When the car gets dirty the headlights and the rear of the Liberty light bar greyed out slightly when the components are activated. I noticed someone brought that to your attention on the download page by the time I had figured out what the issue was.
  7. None that I can recall. I'm excited for these new units!
  8. No worries, glad I could contribute. It's all in the details, down to the whip clip and mic battery packs! I'll be going through the hiring process and the academy hopefully this summer, I'll try to get you any details you need haha
  9. Man I can't wait for the new Charger! Never got to ride in one yet but our local office started bringing theirs in and they look amazing. I need to see this as a Polar Bear!
  10. It's been a while so I guess this will be for information sake but our local office had an open house today and I got pictures of the tabs for the Explorers and Chargers.
  11. I'd say it's safe to assume it's just a hook and the antenna gets caught under it to stay held down, just reach up and take it off the hook. I don't think they'd stop at every low clearance area to bend it down and get out to release it again, just when they park their vehicles because it could bend the antenna for extended periods of time.
  12. No problem! I only remember him checking his firearms in the gun rack then he stepped out and I heard the loud bang as he released the antenna but I'm sure it was on the drivers side. At least in my area in the desert a lot have the large antenna but not a lot of metro areas seem to have them as I see through google images because I've seen some monster antennas from a few K-9 CVPIs we have out here. The only thing I can speculate is the little white tab on the roof drivers side, I think that's what they hook it on. You can kind of make it out in your first picture, but here's one from somebodies Flickr. I love your model!
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