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  1. YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!!! Thank CHRIST!! Stick around man, your plugin is 90% of this mod! I hope you plan to update it for use with 0.4 when it gets released!! Thank you for this addition to this already incredible mod!
  2. Ok thank you and thanks to all who replied. Hoping everything goes well with the upload and downloads of this up and coming update! Can't wait to see everyone's reactions, screen shots etc! Should be amazing!
  3. Scripthook was updated just a bit ago. Now are we waiting on RPH to be updated as well? Thanks.
  4. Great! Thanks! Now does RPH need an update? Don't want to install everything and have Rage not work.
  5. Great news and awesome work Team. Couple questions... 1.) Will I be able to continue using 0.3 even after the release? And the scripts and plugins that work with it? I am already VERY satisfied and extremely overwhelmed with the current setup I have going for 0.3 and the additions to this incredible mod as it is (will absolutely check out 0.4 at some point. It sounds amazing.) 2.) Will Vocal Dispatch be obsolete with 0.4? And if so, I will be absolutely crushed. To have eliminated all but a couple key strokes and to be possibly going back to a full keyboard of keystrokes or more will be very inefficient and bring down the simulated and immersion factor a lot. Just keying up the mic (Bluetooth mic, single around the ear unit) to ask for additional, fire/ems, pit request etc was a huge relief from all the key strokes and memorizing of and brought new life to this "game". Other than that, congrats on your work and I can't wait for the release and your future work with this all.
  6. A nicely, well written and thought out post. But you're still defending something that has no place in this thread and you're 100% wrong. These developers owe you, I nor others ANY reasoning behind their choice of the way they release teasers for their POSSIBLE release of an update to their mod. Notice I said possible. No other "discussion" should be going on except what is being displayed for the POSSIBLE update or requests to be added to the next POSSIBLE update. There is no need for anyone to pass judgment or to criticize how developers (especially of a FREE and EXTREMELY well done mod) choose to show off their WIP on a POSSIBLE update to their already incredible work. I'm sure they have families, jobs and lives outside of creating all this. Maybe they wanted to show off their current WIP and it may be another year before it's 99% or close enough for a release. Fact is, these guys can release teasers for the next 5 years and not release a damn thing to you all for ANY reason at all and one being because they don't feel like it. They chose to share their work early and kept us "fed" over time while they continue to work behind the scenes. FOR FREE!! To be "loosing interest" or whining about the way teasers were brought out, or even the length of time it takes to update this FREE mod is so disgusting and disrespectful! Unless you have a hand in all this, whether it be time spent coding and developing or financially, you all need to accept what may or may NOT be released. Or at a time frame you all feel is acceptable. *rides off on horse*
  7. I'm going to assume some of the recent posts made by those wanting release dates or wanting the update released some time soon (ASAP) were or are being made by children. And possibly grown children who don't know the value of a $1. One of the reasons Albo is leaving this scene is because of the kind of recent posts in this thread and the incredible amount of spoiled, take for granted, unappreciative people that are out there. First of all lets look at it from the first factor which is the people who created this MOD, not game, MOD. They learned how to work with code and whatever else to be able to work with GTA and create this incredible ADDITION to this GAME. So that took time out of their lives to learn first of all. Secondly, those that learned coding chose to use that knowledge to create this MOD AND PLUGINS for us all who are extremely interested in Law Enforcement or who are wanna be LEO's and released all of this for us to enjoy for.... FREE!! I won't make this post more of a soap box post than it could freakin be but you all need to calm the **** down and APPRECIATE that we have something like this. Those of you squirming in your filthy computer chairs whining about this or that have gotten too comfortable with this mod and everything that is offered. If you can't enjoy what has already been created then you are either doing it wrong, need to step away from the computer for a while and do something else or.... DEVELOP YOUR OWN ****!
  8. The RAR is corrupted. I can't unpack it. Other RAR files on here work fine btw. I've downloaded it 2x and it does the same thing. Would love to try this car. Thx.
  9. Sorry if I over looked this. But when performing a traffic stop and double pressing E it makes the ped leave their vehicle. Is there anyway to stop them from doing that? I'd like to bring up that menu when ready while they are still in the vehicle. Thanks.
  10. Thanks Pav, it was certainly one of the two or both but it's working now. I wish I knew which option to leave on so I can turn everything else off. Either way, sorry for the late reply but it's working now.
  11. Forgive me if this has been asked/sovled. Currently when stopping a ped and asking for ID their info above the map will NOT show up. Sometimes I can get it to work but most of the time it won't. This was happening with a fresh install of LSPDFR and before I added anything. Any ideas why? Thanks.
  12. Too much to go through guessing what it could be from the other side of the internet. Bottom line is delete all the files in your GTAV main folder that you think are related to LSPDFR. Don't worry if you delete one that isn't. The game will redownload main files that were deleted. Then start fresh. I have a "GTAV Installation Process" text document made up, along with other text documents to help remember the best way to install everything. It could be your computer is just full of junk and needs a fresh install of Windows or whatever you use. Goodluck.
  13. I just mentioned in the other thread that I wish the suspects were a bit more creative and violent and tried to do something other than act like spaced out AI. What a nice surprise and nice update to what's in store. Seems I've stumbled upon this at the right time. Thanks for your work on this everyone! Quick question. Please... PLEASE find a way to develop or pick up where the creator of Vocal Dispatch left off. Instead of having to hit a key to update dispatch like you are describing, make it more in depth like it is with Vocal Dispatch! Telling dispatch I'm 10-41 and 10-8 and having her respond copy that "officer so and so" is so damn awesome! Not to mention asking for code 2 or 3 backup, air support, swat, tow truck, coroner, EMS etc! I just wish she would say 10-4 or copy when giving my 20 or just giving a 10-4 when updating through out the call. I really wish the developer would come back to keep working on it. It has SO DAMN MUCH POTENTIAL! Anyway, amazing work guys!
  14. I'd like to see more action from the suspects. 90% of the time they just give up. I want more foot chases and more possibility of them running in their car. I want more of them to be armed with a chance of them firing at us. Depending on the call out, its just routine stop, question, RSBT, or if ordered out of the car especially with a warrant they don't do anything to get away lol.
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