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  1. MercilessJester

    Unmarked 2018 Charger [ELS]

    The RAR is corrupted. I can't unpack it. Other RAR files on here work fine btw. I've downloaded it 2x and it does the same thing. Would love to try this car. Thx.
  2. Sorry if I over looked this. But when performing a traffic stop and double pressing E it makes the ped leave their vehicle. Is there anyway to stop them from doing that? I'd like to bring up that menu when ready while they are still in the vehicle. Thanks.
  3. MercilessJester

    Ped Info Not Showing Above Map

    Thanks Pav, it was certainly one of the two or both but it's working now. I wish I knew which option to leave on so I can turn everything else off. Either way, sorry for the late reply but it's working now.
  4. MercilessJester

    Ped Info Not Showing Above Map

    Forgive me if this has been asked/sovled. Currently when stopping a ped and asking for ID their info above the map will NOT show up. Sometimes I can get it to work but most of the time it won't. This was happening with a fresh install of LSPDFR and before I added anything. Any ideas why? Thanks.
  5. MercilessJester

    Need help to get my LSPDFR working 100%!

    Too much to go through guessing what it could be from the other side of the internet. Bottom line is delete all the files in your GTAV main folder that you think are related to LSPDFR. Don't worry if you delete one that isn't. The game will redownload main files that were deleted. Then start fresh. I have a "GTAV Installation Process" text document made up, along with other text documents to help remember the best way to install everything. It could be your computer is just full of junk and needs a fresh install of Windows or whatever you use. Goodluck.
  6. MercilessJester

    LSPDFR 0.4 - The Technology

    I just mentioned in the other thread that I wish the suspects were a bit more creative and violent and tried to do something other than act like spaced out AI. What a nice surprise and nice update to what's in store. Seems I've stumbled upon this at the right time. Thanks for your work on this everyone! Quick question. Please... PLEASE find a way to develop or pick up where the creator of Vocal Dispatch left off. Instead of having to hit a key to update dispatch like you are describing, make it more in depth like it is with Vocal Dispatch! Telling dispatch I'm 10-41 and 10-8 and having her respond copy that "officer so and so" is so damn awesome! Not to mention asking for code 2 or 3 backup, air support, swat, tow truck, coroner, EMS etc! I just wish she would say 10-4 or copy when giving my 20 or just giving a 10-4 when updating through out the call. I really wish the developer would come back to keep working on it. It has SO DAMN MUCH POTENTIAL! Anyway, amazing work guys!
  7. MercilessJester

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Epic Customization

    I'd like to see more action from the suspects. 90% of the time they just give up. I want more foot chases and more possibility of them running in their car. I want more of them to be armed with a chance of them firing at us. Depending on the call out, its just routine stop, question, RSBT, or if ordered out of the car especially with a warrant they don't do anything to get away lol.
  8. MercilessJester

    Better EMS

    In on being fooled on April fools!
  9. MercilessJester

    Better EMS

    I'm just going to get my review out of the way now since I had a nice surprise today lol. So I go to reinstall everything after our recent GTA V and Script Hook updates. Went to test out the mod and for some reason these crazy, meth addicted looking zombies pull up in a pink hearse and a crazy looking station wagon with an air scoop on it and proceed to do CPR on the wounded. I couldn't help but stand there in disbelief as I thought I had messed something up lol. Nice one, you got me lol. As for the mod it's self. I haven't come across anything that has kept me from enjoying it. I'm able to adjust all kinds of things like the response speed of both fire and EMS. How they arrive etc etc. One thing that is awesome is using it with Vocal Dispatch!! So awesome requesting EMS, hearing them leave the station and haul ass to the scene! Thanks for this! Great work!
  10. MercilessJester

    EMS Mod

    Nevermind, sorry. Wrong mod page lol.
  11. MercilessJester

    [WIP, REL] Better EMS

    I thought I had did something wrong! I seen this crappy station wagon looking thing with an air scoop on it pull up to the scene and was like great, I just installed everything and I can't imagine what made it change to this! I lol'd but I also hope it changes back at some point lol.
  12. MercilessJester

    Can't use trainer or spawn modded vehicles

    Ok thanks. Going to give it a go with the installation of stuff and see what works and doesn't. 100% clean GTA V folder. (Not a reinstall of GTA V, just cleared out, mod folder and all.)
  13. MercilessJester

    Can't use trainer or spawn modded vehicles

    I'm left wondering if ALL the mods need to be updated to work with the new Script Hook V. Also Script Hook V Dot Net needs to be updated as well I believe. This recent update by Rockstar just SCREWED, everything, royally! It may be a month or more before the dust settles!
  14. MercilessJester

    Question About The Developer Of Script Hook V

    Oh boy. So with the release of a new Script Hook, does that mean ALL the mods need to be updated to work with the new Script Hook? This is really disheartening.
  15. I know you guys are tired of the Script Hook threads but I was just wondering if the person who updated V today is the same one who will update V Dot Net as well? Also does V Dot Net need to be updated or is it good to go? Thanks.