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  1. Hey Desmond, after some time searching i found some pictures from March and April 2017, here are the links: https://twitter.com/makeoutmonday/status/847937181041565696/photo/1 https://sunsetandclark.wordpress.com/ https://twitter.com/nashville_pussy/status/847591640789270528/photo/1
  2. ESU

    LSFD Ford F350 Ambulance

    looks very good
  3. ESU


    awesome plugin add's a huge amount of realism
  4. ESU

    BCSD Animated Cvpi ELS Enabled

    absolutely amazing
  5. the LAPD uses the 3.7L V6. as far as the other questions go, i cannot find a good picture of the interior or get any information regarding the color combination. my guess would be that the get the taurus delivered as a "black and white" unit : http://www.gminsidenews.com/forums/f13/cop-car-shootout-9c3-detective-caprice-vs-charger-pursuit-vs-ford-interceptor-mt-112840/index2.html and the interior looks close to the FPIU setup for the LAPD.
  6. ESU

    ENB Settings and Reshade Problem

    i think thats cause you are using Reshade 2.0.3 instead of Reshade 1.1.0. Reshade 2.0.3 uses other ways of "rendering and shading" things than Reshade 1.1.0 does. so if you install Reshade 1.1.0 ill think you'll be good to go. don't forget to rename reshade64.dll to dxgi.
  7. ESU

    California Overhaul Pack Topic

    love the idea, ive made some skins in the past for kern county, riverside county, indio and palm desert but never continued it so ill think its great that you wanna start it :) what i personally think that good vehicles to use are: Windows466 his cars(he will also be adding a lasd tahoe and a lapd charger) , bxbugs123 cvpi, chp pack by the hurk(not released yet) , desmond98 his explorer, and carper his cvpi.
  8. difficult choice cause GTA's port of los santos is based on both, ill would go for port of long beach since its connected to long beach (in GTA). but they call it san pedro bay as a general name for the "ports" combined.
    10/10 thanks for the great plugin FinKone, DCP1293 and Albo1125
  9. it looks like a well maintained vehicle very clean and the engine is well maintained, the dashboard shows no signs of cracks as far as i can tell from the pictures. but some off the seats show some kind of wear. as far as the seller goes it has 100% positive feedback and it looks like a cardealer is selling it. so you cant go wrong as far as the seller goes. the least you can do is call the seller and see if they have more info about the car. (logbooks, history, maybe a picture of the drivetrain). to be sure . but it looks like a solid purchase to me. i came across this one its from the same seller. its cheaper but is not as neat as the other one http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Crown-Victoria-P-71-Police-Interceptor-/141940049755?forcerrptr=true&hash=item210c49475b:g:XAYAAOSw9uFW9Xzz&item=141940049755 the 2010 p71 for $7500 is also a solid option, especially that you can test drive it before you buy it and you can check the vehicle itself for any damage or other problems. so ill would try that one first
  10. is also a solid choise but there where some problems reported with the drivetrain, AC and steeringwheel. ill definitely would go for the 10
  11. the crown vic is a really reliable car, and it will serve you well for years without a problem if you maintain it good(maintenance is easy and cheap).if you have the money go for the 2010 cvpi its one of the latest models, so all the little error are gone. hell its even one of the best years for a cvpi it has the least problems. other wise go for the 2008 (the 2011 has more problems than the 2008 but not as much as the 2006) cause the 2006 has a lot of problems. And as far as being harassed by the police. its actually the opposite people think you are from the police so the let you pass and all other kind of fun stuff. its allowed to drive a ex police vehicle as long as you don't use the lights or sirens. Good luck
    10/10 definitely gonna be added to my CHP fleet