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  1. ooookayy found it. Seems the culprit was a set of quotes. Removed and upped new version.
  2. Is there a development roadmap for LSPDFR? I can see that you're in the early days of documentation, so knowing what the mod does and how will take some time to get done. Considering there's so many points of potential failure between the actual mod, the various underlying hooks and scripts, and the game just being the game, documentation would be key to troubleshooting issues and creating improvements as everything becomes more closely integrated with the game's actual binary. Knowing what's on the table right now would be good for guidance on where modders or players we might focus their time.
  3. Fixed - Will be up with 0.3 soon enough.
  4. If possible, could you extend the functionality of the mod to look for extra files for items, PED responses, etc? This way one doesn't need to copy and paste things into the original file and it would make it easier to extend this mod by creating more content for it. Perhaps let us use the ini file to define what files for items and PED responses get loaded/used?
  5. Version 0.4


    File Date: 3/20/2019, Version 0.44 WHAT IS THIS: A file containing both patdown and vehicle search items to add to the StopThePED mod. HOW TO USE THIS FILE: 1. Open PatDownItems.xml or VehicleItems.xml (Depending on which you want to edit) 2. Copy and Paste each section into the appropriate Document. Use my comments to keep track of where you got things from, in case you want to add more! 3. Save your existing PatDownItems.xml or VehicleItems.xml. You should be good to go. CHANGELOG: Version 0.4: Apparently parser does not like quotes in string! Version 0.3: Added more items! Fixed some tags. Oops! Version 0.2: Added some items and renamed a few for clarity. Version 0.1: Initial Version - Copy and Paste!
  6. Hello! I noticed some of the PED Responses could use some cleanup, so I did that myself. Here you go! Just copy paste that over PedAnswers.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <PedAnswers> <Drinking> <Positive> <Answer>I've had one shot of vodka an hour ago.</Answer> <Answer>I drank a six-pack of beer.</Answer> <Answer>Yes, I had a couple beers.</Answer> <Answer>Yes, I had a sip of wine.</Answer> <Answer>Of course - I need to warm my body.</Answer> <Answer>Booze warms me up.</Answer> <Answer>Alcoholic drinks are my favorite.</Answer> <Answer>I need to drink to stay focused.</Answer> <Answer>I don't need to answer that.</Answer> <Answer>I have the right to stay silent.</Answer> </Positive> <Negative> <Answer>I don't drink alcohol.</Answer> <Answer>Alcohol is not good for my health.</Answer> <Answer>I've never had a drink in my life. I swear.</Answer> <Answer>I'm sharp as an eagle. No alcohol in my blood.</Answer> <Answer>No, I haven't had anything to drink.</Answer> <Answer>I've been sober for 6 months.</Answer> <Answer>Do you smell alcohol on me?</Answer> <Answer>Nope!</Answer> </Negative> </Drinking> <Drugs> <Positive> <Answer>I do, but it's for my medical condition.</Answer> <Answer>I do take prescription pills.</Answer> <Answer>I use some drugs for pleasure.</Answer> <Answer>I use from time to time.</Answer> <Answer>Drugs are good for our wellness.</Answer> <Answer>I'm feeling high right now...</Answer> <Answer>Do I really need to answer that?</Answer> <Answer>I have the right to stay silent.</Answer> </Positive> <Negative> <Answer>No drugs. Drugs make you sick.</Answer> <Answer>Why would I use drugs? I don't wanna die.</Answer> <Answer>I never used drugs in my life.</Answer> <Answer>Do I look like a drug addict?</Answer> <Answer>I've been clean for a year.</Answer> <Answer>Nope!</Answer> <Answer>No money. No drugs.</Answer> </Negative> </Drugs> <IllegalItem> <Answer>No, sir. I'm harmless.</Answer> <Answer>I'm a good citizen.</Answer> <Answer>I don't wanna go to jail.</Answer> <Answer>Perhaps...</Answer> <Answer>I don't know. Check for yourself.</Answer> <Answer>Nope!</Answer> <Answer>Nothing illegal on me.</Answer> <Answer>I totally forgot.</Answer> <Answer>You don't have the right to touch me.</Answer> <Answer>Maybe yes, maybe no.</Answer> </IllegalItem> <PedDoing> <Answer>Just hanging around.</Answer> <Answer>I need some fresh air.</Answer> <Answer>I'm relaxing my soul.</Answer> <Answer>I'm just waiting for a friend.</Answer> <Answer>It's none of your business!</Answer> <Answer>Please mind your own business!</Answer> <Answer>Why do you care?</Answer> <Answer>I don't need to answer that...</Answer> <Answer>I choose not to answer.</Answer> <Answer>I have the right to say nothing.</Answer> </PedDoing> <PedFrom> <Answer>From home.</Answer> <Answer>From my friend's home.</Answer> <Answer>From work.</Answer> <Answer>From the grocery store.</Answer> <Answer>From hell!</Answer> <Answer>I just came from the hospital.</Answer> <Answer>I have the right not to answer.</Answer> <Answer>I have the right to remain silent.</Answer> </PedFrom> <PedTo> <Answer>I wanna go home.</Answer> <Answer>I'm on my way home.</Answer> <Answer>I'm going to work.</Answer> <Answer>Just going to the grocery store.</Answer> <Answer>I'm going to see a friend.</Answer> <Answer>Going to my friend's home.</Answer> <Answer>Anywhere I like!</Answer> <Answer>You don't want to know.</Answer> <Answer>I have the right not to answer.</Answer> </PedTo> </PedAnswers>
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