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  1. Rockstar currently has Server Issues! https://support.rockstargames.com/servicestatus
  2. Hi! It looks like I found out what caused my Texture problem. I deleted a bunch of my Addon Cars, played for like an hour, and no more texture loss! Here is what I use for the moment: - gameconfig with 1x traffic 1xpeds (Means Gta base) - 1 Addon Car as a DLC - medic4523's Fire/EMS pack (also a DLC) - police, police2, police3, police4, sheriff and sheriff2 in patchday20 I am not sure if the amount of cars caused this problem or if it was a specific car (too high polygons maybe). I'll keep on trying to add cars and eventually find out where my Limit is. I hope this helps your Problem as well.
    Awsome work! Really appreciate the work you put into this! Works perfectly.
    Thanks for updating! Love this Plugin because it makes Traffic Stops much more realistic (and fun).
    Great Job! The customization options for your Backup Units are outstanding and it's, after a little while, very easy to do. For me a absolut MUST! Thanks for putting so much work in your plugins!
  3. Thank you for updating! This was and still is a absolut must have mod!!!
  4. For the 15 Tahoe (lguard) Traffic Stop Problem, you need to change the <flag> in the vehicles.meta! I used it from the police3 slot, but i suppose you also can use it from another police slot. It works for me! 15 Tahoe (lguard)meta.txt
    Great looking Textures! Really looking forward for your LSPD pack!
  5. THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH FOR 0.4! I really appreciate all the Work put into this, from everyone involved!
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