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  1. Never answered here. For some reason I was not able to find that out myself...duh. Thank you. Works fine. :3
  2. I hope someone can help me. I have a few vehicle retextures installed. (All with Albos Modding DLC pack). All of them work fine but as soon as I spawn in this bike my game crashes. Does anyone else have this problem?
  3. The site is online and the download works (now).
  4. Hey, so I replaced my policeold and policeold2 with some unmarked cars. So far that works. Now I want to add these two vehicles to a different agency (e.g. FIB). How can I do that? Or is it even possible at all? Many Greetings Moony
  5. Hey first off Kudos for the update and the mod itself. Since Computer+ keeps crashing on me having an alternative is great. After my first test it looks like this alternative might become first choice. Some questions though: 1. Are there any plans for an integration of the court system from lspdfr+ (once it's updated)? (Sorry if that has been asked already) 2. Would it be possible to add an "Other" option to the "Do you know why I stopped you?" Question. I had to stop a police impersonator and there was no fitting answer. 3. It would be great if the peds answer would be less random. When I chose "No license" on that police impersonator he answered something about him just wanting to go to the store.... He had a license though so a fitting answer would have been "But I do have a license". Though I don't know how possible that is. Thanks for the mod... I'm sure I'll have a lot fun using it. Many Greetings Moony
  6. Hey, thanks for the answer....that actually seemed to fix it....nice! xD
  7. In his stream albo said that this mod in particular needs a little more work, since quite a lot related to LSPDFR+ has been changed in LSPDFR.
  8. Are you using LSPDFR 0.4? If yes, LSPDFR+ has not been updated for it yet, its not working for it!
  9. Jupp, same Just put the replacements in your last patchday (20 right now)
  10. I have an odd problem and I don't know if ELS is the problem, but maybe someone else has it to: So if I try to do a traffic stop I light the suspect up. No problem so far. However, if that suspect plays stupid I hit my horn (Left Bumper on my Controller) and at that point the AI freaks out and drives straight forward (not sometimes fast sometimes normal) without stopping for anything (driving through Traffic and into walls)
  11. I have the same, though what is funny...it usually only happens the second time I try to look something up. My first subject works fine. I check everything and then choose a citation or arrest. But once I try a second subject, as soon as I click on the name it crashes!
  12. Have you installed the two the openiv.asi in OpenIV?
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