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Hello, I am Komo. There were a lot of ambitious plans I've had in store for quite a long while that I have stated in this description prior but never got to it or published anything. Mainly, that's the blame of my procrastination and my laziness. By now, I've already devised a lot of decals which are supposed to replicate the Allentown Police Department's decals. I've made the decals for the Impalas, FPIS, FPIU, Slicktop Impala, Harley Davidson Electraglide, and many more decals. I've also got around to devising APD uniforms for EUP as well as APD, AFD, and Allentown Paramedics for the default peds. I've gotten significantly better at designing these decals and I'd say they are ready to be published. I'm just too lazy to publish them. I'd love to share these with the community of LSPDFR because there's really no Allentown decals. At least, not authentic ones or accurate ones. I've also gotten around to devising the Allentown Paramedics Ambulance decals but the AFD Pierce Firetruck decals are still in the works. 

TL:DR, by now, I've created a plethora of Allentown things including uniforms for APD, AFD, and the paramedics of Allentown. I've also created the decals for their respective vehicles as well. Unfortunately, I usually stop making things when my GTA becomes unplayable and I take a hiatus. This occurred back in December. However, I've seen that LSPDFR is supposed to get a new update soon, so maybe this will motivate me to reinstall GTA V and devote my time in updating and fixing everything.