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    Sexy thing. Now I can live my dreams of being an actor in SWAT in LSPDFR
  1. Yeah I was gonna ask someone out but I chickened out so now I just have the hopes that LSPDFR updates tomorrow.
  2. Speculation time: G17 will give those of us who don't have someone to spend Valentine's Day with a copy of LSPDFR 0.4. I predict that it drops tomorrow.
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    And likely will never.
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    That is literally impossible for G17 to do. The extra mods and scripts you download to add to LSPDFR are what cause the crashes. Those issues and conflicts have to be resolved by the developers of those mods to fix some of the crashing, but due to it simply being third-party when talking about LSPDFR, there is no way around the crashes.
    This mod creates an ELS styled lighting vibe for non-ELS vehicles. I downloaded this for use with BxBugs' 06 Tahoe, and I enjoy it.
  5. 0.4 coming soon? new forum account? looks like i might just return to GTA V for this
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