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  1. Had reinstall new GTA have 0.4 on my desk top, is it still playable or will I have to download 0.41? I am asking this question as there seems to be a few snags with 0.41
  2. Ha s anyone had a problem with EUP corrupting GTA V, yesterday loaded EUP which for some reason gave my officers civvies instead of uniforms un installed EUP when I tried to play message came up with GTA V corrupt. I did a Full uninstall of both GTA and LSPDFR but GTA would not load at all. In the end purchased another GTA V and have stared all over again. Just wanted to know if any other people have had the same thing as up until yesterday LSPDFR was playing really well. For info GTA was a digital down load copy Sorry Put this in the wrong topic
  3. Had this same issue when after loading EUP, doing a full reinstall but still using 0.4 not 0.41 right pain
  4. Sorted it now thanks, it appears something to do with EUP, uninstalled it and it works fine now.
  5. Hi guys I was wondering if some one could help me, have ben playing 0.4 since its release and have no major worries until yesterday when my game crashed several times on start up. I tried several solutions that have ben posted before . Got the game to work for about 30 mins last night then again it crashed. Have tried again this morning and again can play for about 30 mins and then it crashed. I have attached my RPH log. The only thing I did was update stop the ped which was yesterday. Thanks RagePluginHook.log
  6. I seem to be having the same problem, game was working fine yesterday, later in the evening game kept crashing as it was loading up. managed to play for about 30-40 mins and crashed again. RPH log attached when game crashed RagePluginHook.log
  7. Thanks mate, I'm glad 0.41 is working well for you, I am a bit apprehensive to the change over as I got my came running quite well after a few problems, might wait a week or so then go for it, but thanks for the imput
  8. Hi Guys have a question I am currently playing 0.4 which is great, I have had no major issues and play with a controller. My question is it worth installing 0.41 at the moment as there seems to be a few issues with it or wait till its more stable to play. I believe the Plugins still work in 0.4? I would like to get other peoples thoughts before I take the leap and install 0.41
  9. Question guys I am currently using 0.4 at the moment which is working fine, I use a controller which again is working fine with the plugins I have installed. Can still carry on using 0.4 or do I have to up date to 0.41
  10. The Bank Heist call also crashes my game for some reason, when I get killed
  11. loaded smart Radio but appears that my screen goes small, if I go into full screen the Radio disappears and when I finally get it back its in the middle of the screen. Anyone know how to fix this.
  12. Thanks mate will give it a go
  13. Does anyone know it Modern siren pack is compatible with 0.4 as I have had enough of the original GTA ones
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