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  1. Does anyone else also have a problem using the menus with keys: B N M - While in a vehicle? I cannot open any of the menus while in a vehicle, witch make it hard to call for backup etc.
  2. They are implementing the 0.4 to all accounts?
  3. Bye bye Sam Error code: 2S100/2
  4. Firstly, I do NOT think that they are stalling the release, in favor of more traffic to the site, or money in the pocket etc. I am a developer myself, so I know Sam is doing what he can to release it - He wants us to enjoy what he have spend thousands of hours on. I am just saying that a little narrower release window would had been nice - Or maybe some info along the way, how it goes? We just got "Hey! We are releasing" and here 36 days after, we still have nothing. Well yeah, we could get it the 28th, but now you talks about implementing new stuff? So is the deadline still 28th? Or will it be pushed yet another month? I am sorry, if I seems negative, that is not my intention - But seriously, keeping us in the dark for so long is bound to raise the tension mate.
  5. That is true! I don't mind waiting for a month or two more. It's just daunting that 36 days have passed since they announced 0.4 - And they say February. Had they said late February, you would had something to relate to.
  6. Well, I hadn't been here if they hadn't said that 0.4 was soon to release.
  7. So. Why is there no fixed release date? The least you could do was say "We are ready to release about the 15th, but says we release it 25th - That give us 10 days if something comes up" I have to be honest, it smells like you're trying to increase traffic and make some money. And should that be the case, then just sell it for 10 bucks.
  8. That is the date, that they tell us that the release is being pushed for yet another month
  9. Every minute - Uptimerobot FTW
  10. Pode bem estar certo, mas agora o LSPDFR não é particularmente relacionado ao amor.
  11. 300,000 members! I think we deserve a little present!
  12. I hope they release it today - Then we can play it all weekend!
  13. Wulffe


    I have never had a crash with vanilla lspdfr - It is the scripts/mods that you download, witch make lspdfr crash
  14. It could also be a way of tell us "Hey! It´s comming" - Any without a release date and time, they catch us off guard with the release, and the servers will be able to keep up this time. I had to wait hours to download 0.3, due to the huge stress the servers had back then. Anyway, GTA has just been updated, and scripthook is due for an update - So should they release now, will I not be able play it anyway
  15. Hey out there! I hope someone can help me with this wierd issue. I just installed LSPDFR yesterday, after a fresh install of windows, and I have downloaded some mods, scripts and vehicles. It works great! Until someone hits my car, or I drive into someone. Then my character shouts something like "Got dammed!" waits a second then exits the vehicles with a "Fuck you!" and then freezes. I cant do anything, but when I teleport myself into the vehicle with the trainer it works again - But now it starts going it randomly. I really have no clue what is going on, and my next step is to remove the mods one by one - But I really hoped someone inhere might know what caused it //Wulffe
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