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  1. Well I personally had all sorts of junk installed which was clogging up the game and so I wanted to make sure that GTAV itself would run smoothly as and when .4 becomes available.
  2. I didn't play LSPDFR for a whole year thinking it would have been released earlier so I'm beyond ready to play with all the features 0.4 has to offer.
  3. Really impressive stuff. Rockstar is only in it for the money so only MP gets new features so we rely on the LSPDFR team to crank up SP to make the game continually playable in a fresh and exciting way. I take my hat off to you sirs.
  4. Firstly dismount your high horse for a moment and take the time to read some of the previous comments. Now I haven't been the one making these comments; nevertheless, I have taken it upon myself to reply on their behalf. What the previous comments seem to be about is not the fact that they don't have their mod now but, it is a discussion as to why the devs would have chosen to reveal the news of 0.4 when they did. I'm sure everyone here especially those who have been fans since Liberty City can appreciate the incredible hard work that has gone into this mod as I hope you can appreciate that their antsy-ness is a compliment as to the achievements of aforementioned devs. What is extremely unhelpful here is to turn a forum intended for a community of fans of LSPDFR into a sour place that allows personal insults levied amongst one another instead of calm carefully-worded discourse on any of the issues/praise they have regarding this mod. It's hard not to reflect onto you the common trend of recent society which is to find something for which to be outraged about, however it seems your dressing-down in this matter is more than a little unwarranted especially considering other users have already made a similar point in a far less attacking manner. I can appreciate your intentions were probably to protect the developers' reputation however, there are community moderators who are perfectly capable of doing so.
  5. Rockstar should have done the whole DayZ thing and created a stand-alone game for LSPDFR using GTA5 base game with official support because there is certainly enough fans to justify it. About a month and a half after an update I start getting a bit salty ('why did they say the wait is over in the first bit of news 8 months ago') but then when the next preview drops and I read the additional features and I see how much time must have been put into this mod I begin to relax again for a while at least
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