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  1. My LSPD AI's spawn in with the pilot unifom legit police pilot uniform from eup 8.0. How can i set it for them to spawn with the original LSPD uniform..
  2. My Lspd officers spawn with a pilot police outfit. how can i change that?
  3. What plugins are you using?
    I LOVE IT AMAZING WORK! I do hope tho, you somehow make a skin for a Vic with (*STEEL WHEELS*) WOULD BE EVEN AMAZING-er!??!? Great job man.
    GREAT but have a Q. What does "person is pol" mean? I pulled over a lady with that alert and was left thinking.
  4. CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LSPDFR0.4
    Hey i have a Q. Is this already comp w/ jj dawkins 'Whelen Freedom Lightbar' modle or not yet? srry 4 the noob Q.
  5. Hi, im new to modding period. However before i get my hands dirty im trying to gather all the information i can get to better understand how it works. Therefor i have a question "What happens to your game and mods if rockstar updates its game." Does it just fix anything you did?, and is all stock now but still usable or what? Please explain to me what you do. Do your create a backup, How Does that work???? Please go into detail if your can Thank YOU!!!!! :] :] :]
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