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Different Handcuff Sounds 1.0.7003.28097

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DifferentHandcuffSounds allows you to choose between different sounds for handcuffs during runtime. This is done through "hotswapping" the default sound effect to the desired one. This is useful if you want that extra point of realism when acting as a SWAT operator using zipties, for example. Sounds can be selected through a simple menu powered by RAGENativeUI. You can also select the original sound effect.


Due to the method used, the stock sound effect might not be restored if the plugin does not close gracefully. To manually restore the stock sound effect, rename lspdfr/audio/sfx/CUFFS_TIGHTEN_01.wav.old to lspdfr/audio/sfx/CUFFS_TIGHTEN_01.wav. The stock LSPDFR sound effect is roughly 15 KB.


The hotkey for the menu is configurable and supports a modifier key. There is no controller support in the initial release of this plugin. By default, the menu key is F10.


You can choose which sound effect to default to using the ID specified in the .xml. This value is changed when a sound effect is changed in the menu and will persist between game sessions.


As of the second release, DifferentHandcuffSounds will check to ensure required dependencies are running and check for script updates (if enabled). Different sounds are also provided in the default installation.


Install instructions:
- Move files in the archive to your GTA V/LSPDFR installation.


To install different sounds:
- Place new sounds in lspdfr/audio/sfx
- Edit plugins/LSPDFR/DifferentHandcuffSounds.xml accordingly
- I've included an example .zip for those who pack sounds using the two example sounds provided:
    - The sound config file is different from the plugin config file to allow exactly this - packers can pack the .xml together with the sound files into one drag-and-drop package
- The sound ID for the stock handcuff sound is 0 (and will default to 0 with the config provided)   


This software ("Software") is closed source. Unauthorized modification or distribution of this file is prohibited. This Software is only available on lspdfr.com. The creator of this Software waives any liability for use of this modification resulting in undesirable effect.


Sound samples provided (alt_handcuffs.wav, zipties.wav) are not part of this license and were not created by the author of this plugin. No liability.

What's New in Version 1.0.7003.28097


Added LiverLande.Common.dll dependency. This is a helper plugin to easily share code between my projects. The current version is
Added dependency and script update checks
    - Update checking can be disabled in the plugin config
    - Update checking will only trigger on load once every 24 hours if enabled
Adjusted how information is logged in RAGEPluginHook.log and the console
Attempted to address issues reported with sound timing
    - Replaced the sound pack included with the default installation. Cleaner sounds are now provided
    - The example sound pack has been updated to reflect this change
Added a basic API for plugin developers

RAGENativeUI contributors
RAGEPluginHook contributors
LSPD First Response contributors

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