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  1. not to drink but to sell lol .....
  2. i want the same water you are drinking ....
  3. cette vertue: la patience n existe plus de nos jours ...
  4. there is a lot of citizen in this world that does not speak the language of the country they are resident of .... do not be too much jugding ... you do not want the freedom fries coming back? lol
  5. and only God and Sam can answer ....
  6. without going farther i doubt r. will follow our wishes. let s focus on the fun we will have soon ...
  7. i do agree with lifted but rambar was a good idea. just my 2 cents.
  8. someone will be right. somewhere, someday ...
  9. you are entlited to your opinion but it doesnt mean you are right .... bonne soiree.
  10. it is new a game into the game. so please be patient as im lol ...
  11. seems it is already somewhere february while i will be one of the lastest to get into that wonderful month ....
  12. so true. thought i was alone ...
  13. Lundy, glad to read you re back. are you thinking again about that cars for us?
  14. the closest you may find will be that one:
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