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  1. It’s in the ytd, I’ll put a patch out with the template in a folder
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Non ELS? OMG RIGHT? Take a look at my discord, where I am constantly posting stuff like this. https://discord.gg/8WzShE3 YOU CAN USE THIS IN FIVE M! Here is what is included in the file: Template, The Vehicle Red and Blue, and All Blue, Five M server versions for each, and credits
  4. Oi thank you! Cannot wait to see it updated, the people probably cannot wait to see another version!
  5. change it in paint options in your menu.
  6. Looking at the photos, it does rear wheel looks a little off, I’ll fix it and post the fix in the next patch, other than that, I am glad you enjoy the model
  7. It is your window tint, you must turn it down to see the lights, or you have not put in the xml correctly.
  8. Umm, updated version is lifted. Also stop arguing about the vehicle being "unmarked", it is not. It is "undercover" as said in the title. Please stop arguing.
  9. Hmm, it is definitely your side because everyone else can use it fine, the rear tail-light on the charger will be fixed and incorporated with 2-5 new cars on Monday.
  10. Its A collision issue, I will get a fix and some new cars out by next monday.
  11. That was for a different light I assume, but the next patch will come out soon, I will work to get these problems fixed as soon as I can
  12. We are limited with what resources that I have available, but the game in it of itself we have the ability to do whatever, but for modeling the vehicles is what I had to come up with from various websites and such, and this is what I could work with, also keep in mind that there are 5 of 15 planned vehicles done, and during that time I may discover a new part and add on to all of the models, but as of right now, this is what you can enjoy.
  13. thanks for showing me, will fix in the next update
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