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  1. I've got EUP running, its menu either causes a crash or I did something wrong so I uninstalled it but the uniforms are all usable. I don't want to spend the time setting up the uniforms I want to normally use in different departments only to have to do it again the each time I log in. is there a way to save uniform configurations which i set up in the main locker room menu within the game? Or will I need to find the right settings in the locker room, write them down and change the settings inside the (outfit?) custom file. I don't want to change the NPC's outfits, just my character's options. Thanks for any help.
  2. Surveying a rough 1st day back on patrol...
  3. I just logged out of a quick session and wanted to post this same question. Hopefully, we're just missing something--but I can't figure it out.
  4. Doing well, thanks--how are you?
  5. Well, that certainly would be the worst case. Hopefully not, but if its not ready, its not ready. We'll soon find out, one way or another.
  6. Sniper296 likes to play with fire...
  7. I'd love to see some version of the cases' outcome be integrated into the mod. Gives a sense of totality in the sandbox. I'd let the NPC's take care of transport though--that being said, a chance of having a breakout attempt on high-profile cases would be cool. Not that I think or know of anything like this in .4--just thinking out loud.
  8. Here's hoping for a Friday/Saturday release (depending on where one lives). Have a great day folks! Thanks for this info--I installed .3.1 with all sorts of other plugins as they were recommended. I'm sure they were worth it but maybe this time I'll keep the mod clean for a while to save on FP.
  9. Congrats!! Enjoy the break. Which college, if you don't mind a total stranger asking?
  10. Maybe. I wasn't here for the .3 release, but given some of the craziness over the last few days on these forums...that stream chat could get horrifying. I wouldn't mind seeing it though, if that was the plan anyway, otherwise I'd rather just see it for myself.
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