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  1. medicbobs

    Is keeping GTA 5 up to date the best?

    Thanks for the responses. I guess I'll keep good ole 1180 and 0.57 for now. Seems to be doing good. Can't wait for that 0.4!!
  2. So I've always had the old V1180 to run LSPDFR, but Scripthook and Rage keep updating, so I would like to be current on any changes or bugs they might have fixed in the current versions. My question is should I update to the current V1604 since it is both supported now? Also, will I see any improvements by doing this? Less crashes and things of that sort? Is there any big or graphical changes with all these GTA updates? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
  3. medicbobs

    Ambient Pursuits?

    Fast forwarding 3 years...what mods do this? Looking for something where I can join a random chase via ambience, not getting a call on a script. Also having stop on an ambient traffic stop.
  4. medicbobs

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience

    Can't wait. Hope they announce soon!
  5. Same....can't bypass the rockstar login
  6. medicbobs

    Can't bypass social with V1493

    Can anyone give me a way to bypass V1493 from the damn Rockstar sign in...
  7. medicbobs

    Police(1) texture loss...

    Awesome thanks.
  8. medicbobs

    Police(1) texture loss...

    Thanks man. It's working great now. So every "mod" as far as vehicles go there now right? No matter what kind of car they are?
  9. medicbobs

    Police(1) texture loss...

    Damn it goes up to 16 there. I just deleted my mod folder and im starting over
  10. medicbobs

    Police(1) texture loss...

    It only goes up to a patchday 10. I guess I have an older version. I thought the newer ones have issues with the mods or Rage? Just put it in Patchday 10 and tried and still nothing....It's got to be something easy...
  11. medicbobs

    Police(1) texture loss...

    Sorry was working that last day. D:\Games\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf
  12. medicbobs

    Police(1) texture loss...

    In the mods folder where the police files go.
  13. medicbobs

    Police(1) texture loss...

    I'm not completely dumb I promise. I tried to research this, but maybe I'm missing something. I am getting texture loss like in this picture. I tried deleting the 3 files in the NVR - Emissive folder with no luck. Tried reinstalling the car in the mods folder again. Nothing. What am I missing?? This is just happening on my Police 1 car, all the rest are fine.
  14. medicbobs

    Panic Button Warble Tone (PoliceSmartRadio)

    Just trying to help you out. i guess every place is different. Here is what ours do...
  15. medicbobs

    Tacco Highway Callouts

    It's saying out of date when I start up. I have this latest version. Is that normal or am I missing something?