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  1. Friendship7

    Retro BCSO Pack [ELS]

    I know this is an old pack an I'm not even sure if you're still active, but where did you get that custom BCSO texture for the sandy shores station?
  2. Friendship7

    LSPDFR causing textures to unload

    I understand that, I'm probably gonna have to rebuild my mods folder... again... But my big issue is that those screenshots were taken from me literally starting up LSPDFR. I'll replace my BCSO ones since I'm using the Code 3 pursuit models. The only other ones are using Thehurk's CHP pack and the LAPD based one. EDIT: I replaced all my files with 20 mb vehicles or less. The issue still sort of persist though in a strange way. When I am driving in highly populated aresa, sometimes as fast as 160 Kph everything is fine, no lost textures & peds still there. But when I get out of my vehicle everything seems to unload. What should I do about this?
  3. Friendship7

    LSPDFR causing textures to unload

    The cars do seem to be the issue, but what I want to know is why GTA is unloading half the goddamn map when it's barely using 60% of my GPU and 40% of my ram! Sorry if I'm sounding agressive, it's been a long day and I feel like I'm about to have a goddamn stroke from how high my blood pressure is.
  4. Friendship7

    LSPDFR causing textures to unload

    This problem seems to have gotten worse over time and I managed to pinpoint the issue on LSPDFR or one of the plugins that requires LSPDFR. For my specs, I have an i7 CPU 16gb of RAM and a RX 560 I don't have any crazy plugins installed, the craziest one I can think of is probably custom backup, the rest are just callouts or simple things like a speed radar or Heli-orbit This problem seems to have been getting progressively worse in my game from a couple of low res textures to entire chunks of map not loading. I had enough when mt. chiliad was just trees floating in a void. I did a few tests, one where I did noting in one spot in LSPDFR without EUP or ELS, one where I did noting in one spot without lspdfr but still with ELS and EUP in the highest poly car I had] One with the benchmark test in plain LSPDFR without EUP or ELS, one running the benchmark with EUP and ELS but no LSPDFR and one with a pursuit in LSPDFR with EUP and ELS, and one with a pursuit in plain game with EUP and ELS. Every single test with LSPDFR had textures unloading. This is becoming a game breaking issue with LSPDFR and I have no idea what to do, any advice? EDIT: So I read some similar posts to mine and I still couldn't find a solution. It's probably not the vehicle textures as I know for a fact my LSPD, SSPD and SAHP ones are not 4k. and I don't think it has something to do with Albo's mods. I removed all my plugins while putting them all back in one at a time with no change. I also installed a mod recommended in that thread and activated it with still no change. I am at an absolute loss on why LSPDFR is doing this.
  5. That's exactly what I did wrong, Thanks man!
  6. I am trying to get Paleto Bay PD to work but I am having major issues with it. Custom backup works fine, Park rangers spawn in national parks, Army spawns in Zancudo, and state uses all the right vehicles. But for some reason Paleto Bay PD is having some real trouble I set it up sow that fbi is the car for Paleto PD and they still use the sheriff models, but my code just seems to be ignored. None of the vehicles I call in Pelato bay use the right models, I've tried making FBI the single used model, I've tried using different models, I've tried changing the location to sandy shores but nothing works. Here's the code I'm using: And in case this is work mentioning, BCSO still uses the <BackupAreas> <Area>BlaineCounty</Area> <Area>LosSantosCounty</Area> </BackupAreas> code
  7. Friendship7

    San Andreas State Police pack

    This is by far one of my favorite lightbars I can find, It looks so good and it is one of the most unique lightbars with working ELS I can find My BIGGEST complaint is the fact that the files aren't organized so I have no way of knowing which file is which car without placing them in openIV before hand, It's really annoying and I'm hoping you can organize the files for other people. EDIT! Thank you for listing the cars now, This is a really solid pack! I look forward to the SUVs
  8. Friendship7

    Textures Unloading

    I did 4 test, two with my mods folder and two without The first test was to go to Mission Row and request 12 units, 3 local, 2 State, 2 Local Swat, and 3 NOOSE Swat. As well as an EMS Firetruck and Amulance Then I would drive to sandy and call 3 local patrol there The second was the opposite of the first where I would start in sandy, call the units then go to mission row with the mods folder they all made textures unload without the mods folder everything worked fine.
  9. Friendship7

    Textures Unloading

    I renamed the mods folder and did a few tests and that seems to have removed all the problems, I don't know what vehicle is causing this issue though.
  10. Friendship7

    Textures Unloading

    It starts whenever I go to calls and then I end up calling more then 3 units, It doesn't matter if they're Police, Fire, or Coroner. if it uses lights and there are more then 2-3 then textures will start unloading.
  11. Friendship7

    Textures Unloading

    I replaced all the cars and everything worked good until I got in a pursuit. I think the issue originates from ELS, I do have Radiance V installed so that MIGHT be the issue but I'm not sure.
  12. Friendship7

    Textures Unloading

    Yeah it's brad M's BCSO pack, It's pretty lovely I don't think it's a callout issue either as I could be doing a felony traffic stop, or a highway callout with more then 3 units and it will still happen. my best guess is that it might have to do with ELS or maybe one of the models I'm using is bad.
  13. Friendship7

    Textures Unloading

    I was using LSPDFR today and when I finished my first callout most of the textures unloaded, I tried removing all props, peds, and vehicles in the game, with no improvement. I didn't install anything new and the issue only seems to happen after I call other units to a scene (Like EMS and additional units) but even if I drive to the other side of the map the issues still persist. It doesn't seem to be a low computer specs issue as I still get 50-60 FPS but just in case, CPU: intel i5 RAM: 12 gb GPU: GTX 1060 The image below is an example, all textures look normal but one randomly turns incredibly low resolution.
  14. Friendship7

    [ELS] Ohio State Highway Patrol Pack

    I love this pack, the attention to detail, & Just the entire OHP liveries. I love it. I hope one day someone will make a SAHP based version.
  15. Friendship7

    ScriptHookV Alternative

    I haven't had much luck with this, I have Scripthook.net, ELS, and simple trainer and none of them seem to work I'm afraid.