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  1. Fred55

    toronto fire rescue

    You should put this under the vehicles textures instead of the vehicles models and link the model that you use... A texture without the model to use it its kind of useless
    Awesome pack! Love the lore friendly vehicles from Montreal. Just missing a mx7000 Dodge Caravan and CVPI and it will be the full SPVM Pack!
  2. Fred55

    [ELS] Unmarked Pack

    Great work on those unmarked! Best unmarked pack out there!
  3. Yes. It does replace "Custom Backup" the same way. But you'll need to setup the XML file like you probably did with "custom backup" if you want to use different peds/cars models and distance units spawn then the original lspdfr backup.
  4. Yes you can put any car you want...just replace with the cars that you want in the XML file Ex: replace SHERIFF with POLICE4 etc
    Pretty good mod that merge all of your existing "on scene" and "traffic stop" mods and could replace "Custom backup" if it could be possible to set a min range and maximum range for different area as you can do with "Custom backup". Example: when you're downtown, you can expect faster backup then when you're at Chilliad or Paleto Bay or when you are asking for State patrol backup when you are downtown instead of local backup or expect the SWAT team to take longer to arrive on scene then local patrol units. And second things is there's no way to set distance on pursuit back up as you can do with "Custom backup'. So as soon as you asked for pursuit back up, they spawned directly out of the blue in front of your car. That kill the immersion of the game a little. Beside that it's have a very good potential and I really like what you've done lately for the LSPDFR community. Edit: With the new update I had to change my review to 5 stars! Great job on spawning distance in the XML and for the fast update on ur scripts! Awesome 5/5
  5. For better immersion, Is there a way you can set up the pursuit backup distance. The range from the ini seems to be working only with code 2 and 3 and on scene backup while the pursuit backup spawn directly in your face. I didn't find any place in the XML file regarding pursuit and in the .INI files. Besides that great jobs with all of your mods!
  6. Can you call for pursuit backup or only code 2 and 3 backup? And can you set the min range spawn and max range spawn in XML file as custom backup?
  7. Fred55

    [ELS] Unmarked Pack

    Takedowns lights doesn't work properly on both vehicles. The lights are facing the rear of the cars. Probably just a small fix with ur els .xml. Beside that awesome unmarked models.
    Simple but effective. Perfect if you are using metric radar and scripts. Feels more like home if you're from Canada or Quebec. Manque juste quelques cônes oranges et je vais me sentir comme chez moi a Montréal. Good job
  8. Fred55

    SPVM & SQ Uniforms

    Ca fonctionne tu si on fait juste renommer le EUPClothingMenu.ini en Presetsoutfits.ini ou ca ca va faire bugger les autres peds?