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  1. Someone has the link of these vehicle model please?
  2. Is it me or when we're asking for spike strips backup, the game still crashes?
  3. Does it works with actual RPH version?
  4. Is this callouts pack causing crashes?
  5. @RCrw notik, est-ce ton script annule les chances de pincer des automobilistes au radar?
  6. So, it would be possibly caused by an update of Windows or whatever?
  7. I tried to reinstall RPH. Nothing. LSPDFR, nothing. A reconnexion on Social Club RStar, nothing. Seriously, I'm short of idea. xd
  8. So nobody knows what does it can be?
  9. I have the same issue. It is bad what I'm gonna say, but I think the best is waiting for next update of GTA V or RPH. Nobody knows what it can be.
  10. Someone would be at ease to make a TeamViewer call with Skype or Messenger because, I tried all possible solution to fix my problem with RPH and I don't what it can be the source. PLEASE, HELP ME! I'M A YOUTUBER OF LSPDFR FROM QUÉBEC, CANADA!! ( )
  11. Wait a sec? Your LSPDFR Game gets start with any issues? Is it possible it is your vehicle.meta and/or carvariation.meta folder?
  12. If there already out, and my game doesn't get start too, do you what does it can be?
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