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Hey. I'm penguin. Loved by many, hated by most. Originally I began on FPSBanana (known now as GameBanana). I migrated towards Grand Theft Auto and eventually joined the high rankings of GTApolicemods in the very beginning of the emergency vehicle modding saga. While there, I was working alongside many talented people and many conniving people. Lt.Caine, bxbugs123, Sam, "Bo", daedaelus, and a guy named Mike. Just to name a few. I actually banned Sam once before he proved himself and worked into a position of power and responsibility. Myself, along with many others, were backstabbed and left to rot. I continued to fight, sometimes picking the right battle and winning, sometimes picking the wrong battle and losing. Every now and then I would pick the wrong battle and win, but, still lose because it was the wrong battle.


Anyway, I'm here now. Sam has always made room for me at his table, and I'm always welcomed by him and his team. I'm a retired LCPDFR Community Team member and leader. Right now I just reside here quietly and peacefully, occasionally coming out as a tester and more frequently coming out as a Radiomaster. My creative side has gotten a little rusty, as I have little time to practice modding with IV and any time in the past has gone to learning the tools needed to modify San Andreas.



Understand, anything I do produce anymore is something that I've spent weeks on because I am too busy working in real life. If you like something that you see and want to help out, look for the PayPal E-mail address on my profile and donate a couple of dollars so I can get a cup of coffee or sugary treat to keep me awake long enough to make something new!





Here's something that I've learned from people I've encountered online and in the real world. And it's something that's helped me out a lot.


Always "pay it forward". Try to smile or say "hi" to someone you don't know at least once a day. Pay for the cup of coffee the guy in the car behind you ordered. Or pay the toll for the car behind you. Just do something that someone else can pass along to try and spread a little bit of good in the world. It's astonishing how much of an impact such a small little gesture can make on someone's life. Honestly. And never judge someone. Instead of being ready to criticize someone, be ready to help them up off the ground.