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  1. Guys if you are using that "updated" version of LSPDFR+ someone posted the other day, get rid of it. That is causing crashes, especially when getting a ped out of a vehicle.
  2. Nope, mine do it too. It's a damn shame people spend so much time on these things and won't make sure the takedowns are right. Every vehicle I download anymore has them pointing every direction but forward.
  3. That's why I never crashed. I don't use Entity Persistence because of the performance loss. As a matter of fact, since I removed it, I haven't crashed at all.
  4. GTAV/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data Wow that's strange. It has to be something on your end though. Everyone else is getting it. Sorry!
  5. Maybe try downloading again, are you using Winrar? Thank you!
  6. That will be in the court cases in LSPDFR+, but I think its randomly assigned.
  7. I don't think so, If you get a mod to say it's ok, then I will. I have a folder on my desktop called "RAR". Every time I download anything, I put the .rar there for this reason. You may want to ask the author as well.
  8. Ok, just replace "Citation Definitions" with Charge Definitions in the above. GTAV/plugins/lspdfr/computerplus/Charge Definitions
  9. GTAV/plugins/lspdfr/computerplus/Citation Definitions Open in notepad and make changes, then save. Or, open in OpenIV, right click, and edit.
  10. What exactly is ComputerPlus doing? I haven't had an issue yet. I am on version though.
  11. Your command line is in the GTA V folder. Open it, and if "-ignoreDifferentVideoCard" is there, delete it. Then, open Nvidia control panel, go to 3D settinggs and hit programs. Go to GTA V and scroll down to "shader cache" and make sure it is off.
  12. I had this error more frequently recently. I tried lots of suggestions, then I looked on my own, Took 5 min. Looked in command line and the only thing there was "-ignoreDifferentVideoCard". I deleted that, and went to my Nvidia control panel and turned off the shader cache. No more crash, no out of memory error.
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