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  1. SFK

    Hazard gameconfig (1.0.1493.0)

    Works very fine on me great job sir.
  2. SFK

    Hazard gameconfig (1.0.1493.0)

    Seems like a very nice config sir, good job! I did a patrol for 1-1.5 hrs without any crashes even though I use Computer+ a lot while on patrol. Is that config based on 1x peds 1x vehicles btw ?
  3. SFK


    Make sure that your Windows language set to English if not change your language to English and your current region to United States if you are crashing to desktop as soon as going on duty.
  4. SFK

    LSPDFR is crashing recently

    I've already done that sir, thanks for the advise.
  5. SFK

    LSPDFR is crashing recently

    Thanks for your support Sir much appreciated, I think I should remove Computer+ or atleast shut down the LSPDFR+ integration with it.
  6. SFK

    LSPDFR is crashing recently

    Sir, it's actually playable and it doesn't happen as soon as on duty but it happens during on duty and has no time or specific scenario for it. LSPDFR suddenly crashes while I am on duty. Also on the other hand the whole game crashes to desktop while I was checking database on Computer+. These are the two problems for me recently. Sometimes if I am lucky I can play for hours without any single problem.
  7. Hello guys, Recently LSPDFR is crashing for some reason but I can`t actually figure out why. If it is possible can you guys check the log file below ? Thanks in advance. My plugins for LSPDFR: LSPDFR+ Traffic Policer Traffic Control by Stealth Arrest Manager Assorted Callouts Better EMS Cheep Callouts Computer+ Federal Callouts Make Peds Calm Again On Scene Backup PeterU Callouts Police Smart Radio Search Warrant by Darkmyre Spike Strips Backup Stop the Ped Tacco Highway Callouts Rage Plugins: LSPD First Response EUP Menu StickyWheels Entity Persistence RagePluginHook.log
  8. First of all, thanks for your advice and reply I appreciated it. However, I actually did your advice before and I figured out that only plugins with RageNativeUI.dll causes this problem. Other plugins which without requiring RageNativeUI.dll don't cause the same issue
  9. Hello guys, my game suddenly crashes and close down as soon as I go on duty, I figured out that this issue only happens with plugins requires RageNativeUI.dll. file. Plugins without it don't cause the same issue. Do you guys have any advice for that? Thanks in advance. Here's my Rage log file; RagePluginHook.log