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  1. You'll probably need the LSPDFR EUP Configurations to make the other cops look like cops again. That got things working for me.
  2. I had that problem. I replaced the "presetoutfits" file with the one that came with L&O 8.0. My ped looks fine now, but all the other NPC cops are all in green jackets. I tried reinstalling 4 times. Can't figure it out.
  3. You should give credit to the person who made the skin. Just sayin'
  4. Oh, my bad. I clicked both by accident. I had that problem too though. The keybinding change did work.
  5. I don't see what a traffic stop menu has to do with it. You don't even get a chance to get stopped before the car you're pulling over freaks out and drives off into a wall, off a cliff etc...
  6. I have that problem too. I tried changing the keybindings already. It still does it. Not all the time, but sometimes. The mimic will work fine until you try to stop it. Then it freaks out.
  7. I love this idea, however I don't think it works for me... I put the person in the cell, and I see the message on the top of the screen to press <dpad-right> to lock the cell, but nothing happens when I do that. No animation and the door is still open. Tried with e key too.
    I don't think I realized just how much of a necessity Police SmartRadio was until I didn't have it for a few days. It really ties all the parts of the game together and makes it perfect. Great work!
    I've been using Ultimate Backup for a while now with 0.3 and now with 0.4. This is a must have plugin that adds so much detail to the game. With regular updates it just keeps getting better and better!
  8. I had a similar problem when I pulled a car over and there was a wall on the passenger side. There was no room for the backup officer. He fell through the map and you can hear him screaming while he fell. However, after a few seconds, he re-spawned about 1/2 way down the block and walked back up to the front of my car and just stood there.
  9. Even then, it wasn't part of Police SmartRadio. Albo's tow was included in Arrest Manager.
  10. The tow truck and coroner are included in Stop The Ped...
  11. This was the last missing piece for me. Thanks for the updates Albo!!!
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