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  1. Have you ever thought about making a 16 Charger? im not sure if they have them or not at HCCO
  2. i do not, the best place i know where to prob get it is from the city website.
  3. Im really just looking for them to be modeled, but thanks though.
  4. Hello I’m currently looking for people who would be interested in making a DeSoto Texas Police Department pack. I have many pictures and get more as needed. I can pics all of exterior to interior. Just send me a PM if your are interested.
  5. Hello I love the work of this, I have somethings you may be interested in making. Send me a pm if you are.
  6. Hello i see this a Texas department based skin, i might have one that you might like to make if you are interested
    very sexy pack bro! glad to see you back man! I've missed seeing your work
  7. Thanks man, I haven’t finished because I’ve been working on different things but I’ll have a new one coming out soon.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Hello guys i am back with a few textures i made today. the pack is NOT done just yet. a few more cars will be added soon. DISCLAIMER!!!!!! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU BREAK YOUR GAME! Vehicle Model Credits!!
    Now i got to say these are pretty dam amazing. Due to me living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area i got to say you got these dead on my man!!!!! these are going to be in my game for a long time!!
    just amazing!! i would love to see more cars added maybe in the future!!
    Another amazing model. the rotating board is just be on amazing! Keep you the great work man.
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