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    Dwardo225 reacted to Officer Wade in emissive lights   
    I think it is bud. All the rear lights are fine, but the front ones dont show
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    Dwardo225 got a reaction from ineseri in Modding Cars   
    Ok I kind of figured but I was just checking just In case! Thank you!
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    Dwardo225 got a reaction from Kallus in problems   
    I did not... so i just downloaded it now and everything works again!!! thank you so much!
    yes i did @Giordano  helped me figure it out
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    Dwardo225 reacted to dumbrellas in radar?   
    This list doesn't appear to be fully up to date, but here's a site with all of the mods he uses:
    Hope that helps a bit.
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    Dwardo225 reacted to RadGamma in What texture should I make for a crown Vic?   
    How about something different like a University Police or Transit Dept.
    US has thousands of small and specialist types of police forces to choose from.
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    Dwardo225 reacted to Kalleboston in Making textures   
    Lol no I am not! But thanks! I’m glad you like it. 
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