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    Mitchell reacted to OfficerFive0 in OfficerFive0's GTA V WIP [Current Project: MSP + Washtenaw County]   
    ok  so the els pack is really close to release. perhaps tonight or tomorrow. the only thing i need to do is finish modeling the consoles and install them in the vehicles along with the equipment like radios and such
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    Mitchell reacted to stevenew95 in [WIP] Seagrave Heavy Rescue (First Model)   
    Ladies and Gents! Finally and update for everyone. I have reached a point this time around again that i am comfortable with showing you guys. Im around the same point that i was at before. 
    First things first. You may notice that the model looks a little different. There are a couple of reasons for this. One; I felt that the tandem axle may have been too big for in game use for stations for accurate roleplay. When this is released, I may convert this to a tandem axle or make another depending on how this one does in game. Second; this model had better diagrams for me to use and i think that this one will be just as good for you all and you will be just as happy with it. 
    This model is already higher detail, and better looking than the last model and i hope that the community will still appreciate the work that I've done. The progress is moving along smooth now. All that needs done for the outside is the roll up doors, top compartments, rear compartment, and some smaller details. Once that is complete we will move on to the interior and separating parts which wont be too much of an issue (at least from what it seems). 
    Again, thank you all for the continues support and i cant wait to get this out to you all! Heres a few pictures! 

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    Mitchell reacted to Olanov in Grand Theft Auto V - Ground Zero   
    Feat. Sheriff David "Uncle Tom" Clarke.
    Song used: Chris Cornell - Ground Zero
    Yeah I wanted to do something a little different this time around.
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    Mitchell reacted to Maxmov in Maxmov's WIP and Showroom   
    The BPD Pack has been released! I'm working on some updates to minor things.
    Next up- the Sheriff Pack!
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    Mitchell reacted to RoegonTV in 3-D Modeling Requests Open   
    I no longer mod but I will be modeling in my free time. Feel free to PM me if you need a part or a light made and I'll try to respond. It is preferrable that you email me: roegontv@gmail.com
    Happy Modding!
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    Mitchell reacted to Albo1125 in [WIP][REL] Siren Mastery - Fully control your siren tones!   
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    Mitchell reacted to Netman005 in Netman's WIP mods   
    as the title says here i'll post a few thing i am working on right now.

    the only thing in the works right now is the complete overhaul of the LSPD, LSSD and SAHP Peds. thia will add new belts to all the tree law enforcement agencies in SA (Also the MP model as seen in the screenshot). I am also adding in the ''fix'ed'' badge textures for the male LSPD officers and for the the MP model. plus his badge has been made ti fit the size of the NPC's badge.

    The models are planned to be released in a day or two without support for the  Cop Holster mod. I am planning to make it work with Cop Holster mod but as i have never tried it i'll need to find out how that works. Also the LSPD polo shirt will not be in the mod as i didn't make that.
    if you have any questions or comments please do let me know
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    Mitchell reacted to Desmond98 in [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)   
    FPIS #2
    Accurate 2014  instrument panel (WIP)

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    Mitchell got a reaction from officerwaller in OfficerWaller's Garage { Current Project: 1990s Orange County Sheriff, Ca Pack   
    It looks pretty good! Looking forward to seeing more!
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    Mitchell reacted to officerwaller in OfficerWaller's Garage { Current Project: 1990s Orange County Sheriff, Ca Pack   
    Right now I'm working on a 2013 Impala LAPD and this is to show my progress.

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    Mitchell got a reaction from drsn0w in [WIP, REL] Better EMS   
    Sounds like an amazing idea. If I could, may I also propose an alternative (so you can have two scenarios) - the ambulance could either be dispatched from the hospital or it could be from the same firehouse as the engine/truck. Quite often I see them rolling together so I think it could be quite interesting to see them both together.
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    Mitchell reacted to Alex_Ashfold in EUP Addons and community modifications   
    it's an error in the presetoufits.ini i'll change the values for the next upload, but you also do it yourself, by changing this
    [Male PIA Windbreaker]
    Category=Main Apparel
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    Mitchell reacted to Thero in Thero's WIP and completed Projects: Vehicle Models, etc.   
    Send me a PM so I have you on the list to try it out.
    I've created a huge pack of vehicles that are template however being as they are not police related I felt shouldn't have been uploaded to LSPDFR. However you can find them here once admin approval has been made:
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    Mitchell got a reaction from kcoynejr in Thero's WIP and completed Projects: Vehicle Models, etc.   
    Here's what it says in the header in this section of the forums.
    " Please do not create threads here unless you are actively working on a new modification that will at least be released on this site, or are ready to release one. "
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    Mitchell got a reaction from kcoynejr in Thero's WIP and completed Projects: Vehicle Models, etc.   
    Here's what it says in the header in this section of the forums.
    " Please do not create threads here unless you are actively working on a new modification that will at least be released on this site, or are ready to release one. "
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    Mitchell got a reaction from kcoynejr in Thero's WIP and completed Projects: Vehicle Models, etc.   
    Here's what it says in the header in this section of the forums.
    " Please do not create threads here unless you are actively working on a new modification that will at least be released on this site, or are ready to release one. "
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    Mitchell got a reaction from Chewtoy in ADDING REQUIRED EXTRAS/VEHICLES META   
    I know man, I'm having the same problems right now. It seems like nothing changes the behavior of non-DLC vehicles so far.
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    Mitchell got a reaction from Chewtoy in How to force a lightbar to always spawn?   
    Has anyone figured it out with F5544's MX7000 model? If I do _ALL, then the two different rambars will spawn together. If I do _REQUIRE, the chance of MX7000 spawning is still slim to none, instead spawning the rambars as well as the rear dash lights a lot more.
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    Mitchell reacted to Lundy in 1996 Ford Crown Victoria P71 [WIP]   
    Here's a picture of her sporting the new wheels.

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    Mitchell reacted to Kyben in [WIP] Police Beats - Everyday Policework   
    Hey guys,
    I am sorry for the long silence and lack of information, all that sort of jazz.  This whole thing has been a huge learning curve for me and I generally only have one day a week where I can sit down and focus on the computer, which really makes it a whole lot more difficult because I end up re-learning half of the last weeks stuff in order to keep working.
    I was definitely a bit premature in posting this and aiming so high to get something out straight away. It just led to rushing things and what I did manage to put together to 'release' was very basic and disappointing even to me, with plenty of issues. 
    What I am aiming to do is something entirely unique; something no one else on here has done and I'm still working on it. I recently managed to rope a friend in to helping out and we've been hard at work (more him than me - I'm the brains, he's the... err... better at coding and not so much writing brains!).
    So with all that said, this project is definitely still in the works and is growing by the day because as I work on things or get updates from the offsider, I'm having new ideas which ends up blowing things way out in terms of timeframes because I get carried away, lose focus on what I was doing and end up doing something new.
    What we have so far is:
    One fully functioning, awesome, very much working callout. It involves getting called as backup for a couple of EMT's treating an uncooperative patient.  The callout is very dynamic and can go a number of directions based on things such as your response time (and it may not necessarily be a lights and sirens run - you'll get info from dispatch and make that assessment yourself) and then how you approach the patient and ambulance officers. There will be a conversation with response choices and as they say, every action has a reaction.  A couple of partially finished callouts that require a bit of work. They are either missing dialogue or just the basic shell of what we're hoping to achieve. They're a work in progress. A whole lot of spawn points covering the Vespucci District (see the map above).  I have personally been to every single residence, business, shop, bus stop, dumpster, alleyway, construction site and anything else you can think of in Vespucci, made notes and then saved the coordinates (props to @Stealth22 and @Darkmyre for the coordinate saver scripts). From this, I've been going through creating libraries for each individual callout to pull from, for example, noise complaints will only grab residences. robberies will only grab robbable stores,fights will grab everything, etc.  From here, I'm naming each location in the library and we're hoping to pull the name out of that and have it told to you ingame by dispatch, so when you get a call for a burglary in progress from dispatch and it's in Vespucci Canals, dispatch will actually say to the effect of "Caller is a neighbour, reports that a male just forced the back door and went into the house at 1245 Imagination Ct. You can get to the door by jumping the side fence". Something to that effect. Some spawn points from other districts and for specific callouts. Similar to the bank robbery in Albo's callout, I've found locations that have just screamed out a specific callout to me, so they've been saved and had scripts partially written for them. Distractions, right? Most of a menu that gives a whole bunch of options that will dictate how you receive callouts. This will be the whole core of the pack, through it you'll select: Zone: Vespucci to start with, then moving in to others like Rockford Hills, Central, etc. Each zone be unique and have it's volume crime and zone-specific calls mixed in with the rest. Duty type: Patrol, something else, whatever else and hopefully more Transport type: Foot patrol (you'll only get local calls - within a few hundred metres), bicycle (moderate distances but obviously nothing traffic related), car (everything is yours!) and for those like me down in Australia where our sedans are literally just a car with a lightbar and we have the specific type of vehicle, caged vehicle (where you may also get calls to transport POI's) Subsequent menus (just page across, much like the LSPDFR menus) giving options for: Conversations, given there's a lot of talking and dialog in the mod since that's what the bulk of Police work is. It's also multiple choice and has varying reactions based on each option, think RPG! Radio use, maybe you need a supervisor to help out, maybe you need a forensics crew? Or whatever else. So far this one is pretty bare but I'm hoping to flesh it out - I love the idea that you're at a job - ambulance call for example - and can't negotiate with the guy but he's not doing anything wrong as such. Call the supervisor, (s)he'll rock up, talk to the guy (you probably won't see the dialog) and suddenly he's willing to go to hospital. Just like real life - the Sarge always knows just what to say! Evidence collection and scene assessment. If you're at a burglary with no offender present, look for evidence. You might find something with a print. Take it to the lab and who knows, a couple hours later the print might get a match and you'll have someone to go question (remember, every house has an address and a spawn point - nothing saying the LSPD crime lab is up to date on work and can run a print, give you a POI name and address in a few hours)... or maybe next shift or two shifts later if I'm smart enough to work out a way to this thing save somewhere so you can actually follow up work from previous play sessions. I doubt I'll work it out though and it's down the track! Other stuff but that'll depend on your duty and is a loooong way down the track. There's more but I can't remember it at the moment. So, a lot of all that is spitballing. We have bits and pieces of everything all over the place. Sort of like a shell... with some holes in it. First we're gonna fill the holes, then put stuff in the shell (which we oddly enough have most of) and then polish it up. 
    I've written a lot of scripts (talking scripts, not smart cody sort of scripts) and a lot of dialog given I can do that a little more easily on the iPad and then send it home to reformat and whatnot. The majority of these calls are going to involve some pretty in depth conversations so there's that's gone in to that so far. I'm also looking for a bit of a better way to actually have the conversations. The way they appear at the bottom of the screen, similar to all the other mods is pretty cumbersome. 
    I hope that gives you a bit of an update. It's definitely still in the works. It's definitely taking longer than expected but I've also had a few bumps (spent a month and a half overseas getting married and honeymooning, done a lot of overtime to pay for said overseas honeymooning and marriage, etc.) and working on one day a week when learning at the same time is hard. As much as I read about this stuff while I'm away from the computer, I'm the type of learner that needs to be doing to absorb.
    I'd love to get something out but I don't really want to release just one callout. Unfortunately this is enough of a mod that kind of needs to come out as a package otherwise it's going to be that one pain in the ass callout that requires that extra bit of work so it's easier to just code 3 it there and shoot the guy in the head to not have to deal with it.
    That said though, it is also going to be a whole lot quicker and easier once we get the working base out, which I think we're doing well - the ambulance callout I mentioned is huge progress now that it works, so the rest will hopefully just be reproducing that with slightly different scenarios, spawn points, etc. I'm probably wrong though and it'll still be a lot of work. We'll see and I'll let you guys know.
    Promise to keep you a bit more in the loop in future!
    Oh and also, since I've had a bit of extra free time recently and got the extra help, I'm getting my Youtube channel going again and will post previews of this stuff on there once it's at a point that I think I can show it off effectively. Until then, shameless plug! 
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    Mitchell reacted to GlitchGamer in GTA V WIP Tahoe and F150 Police Variants and Fire Variants   
    Video coming soon!

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    Mitchell reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP, REL] Better EMS   
    Better EMS is now released: 

    Follow this post for progress updates on the next version! Feel free to post suggestions, requests, and bug reports on this thread. 
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    Mitchell reacted to PimDSLR in WIP LAFD Firetruck Enigne 13   
    It's released!!!
    Do you like my work? Consider a small donation, it keeps the stuff going ;) Also a nice review is always nice.Thanks.
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    Mitchell reacted to Lop in Honoring Officers/ Killed in 2016   
    This post is to remember and honor those in blue. I am listing officers in the US. If you would like to honor a fallen officer from your country, you may do so. 
    If you are a member of the immediate family of any of the Officers listed and want their name taken off, let me know I will do so.

    If you are currently an LEO in the US or around the world, thank you for your service. We honor you.

    As of 2/11/2016, at 16:20, these are the fallen officers.
    Police Officer Thomas W. Cottrell, Jr.
    Danville Police Department, OH
    EOW 1/17/2016 Police Officer Douglas Scott Barnet, II.
    Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake, UT
    EOW 1/17/2016 Correctional Officer Adam Conrad
    Marion County Sheriff's Office, IL
    EOW 1/20/2016 Sergeant Jason Goodding
    Seaside Police Department, OR
    EOW 2/5/2016 Deputy Sheriff Scott Ballantyne
    Tulare County Sheriff's Office, CA
    EOW 2/10/2016 Deputy Sheriff Derek Geer
    Mesa County Sheriff's Office, CO
    EOW 2/10/2016 Senior Deputy Mark Logsdon
    Harford County Sheriff's Office, MD
    EOW 2/10/2016 Senior Deputy Patrick Dailey
    Harford County Sheriff's Office, MD
    EOW 2/10/2016 Police Officer Jason Moszer
    Fargo Police Department, ND
    EOW 2/11/2016 Major Greg "Lem" Barney
    Riverdale Police Department, GA
    EOW 2/11/2016 K9 Jojo
    San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, CA
    EOW 1/6/2016 K9 Jethro
    Canton Police Department, OH
    EOW 1/10/2016 K9 Krijger
    Norfolk Police Department, VA
    EOW 1/11/2016 K9 Ogar
    Smith County Constable's Office - Precinct 5, TX
    EOW 1/19/2016 K9 Jag
    Twin Rivers Unified School District Police Department, CA
    EOW 1/20/2016 K9 Kobus
    Omaha Police Department, NE
    EOW 1/23/2016 K9 Betcha
    Rutland County Sheriff's Office, VT
    EOW 1/29/2016 K9 Aren
    Port Authority of Allegheny County Police Department, PA
    EOW 1/31/2016  
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    Mitchell got a reaction from Virzza in Carvariations Request   
    You're welcome! Glad it worked.