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CASSANDRA SATURN943372354_KorraLooksbackLarge.thumb.jpg.9cb68419c5097377f7792fe25883afc5.jpg


Who is Cassandra Saturn?

Cassandra is one of most popular figures in Internet world, famous for her work as Avatar Korra from animated television series "Legend of Korra"

also is Real life version of Avatar Korra. she is deaf transgender woman. Cassandra Saturn remains being fan's ultimate woman who can just do everything, anything. she is survivor of attempted murder that nearly killed her in December 2013.


loved by everybody, she is best known by her long list of professions that involve her doing cosplays, roleplay and helping others.  Korra is her main nickname and most widely used by her fans, friends who call her that. she has been doing this for long time, she is creator, director and an actress of "Legend of Korra" Live Action Series which were adaptation of animated series.. currently doing her work on brand new webseries, "Star Trek Kamidake" which takes place in Star Trek Online era. a future without Federation, where she stars as Captain Saturn of U.S.S. Kamidake in aftermath of massive Iconian attack.


the name Cassandra Saturn is most searched googled news since 2008. exactly same year that she has made name for herself in doing what she is best at. early in beginning, she was website/forum designer for dozens of websites, forums. having made over 35 of them separately. she has since then expanded into other interests. one of them was online cosplays. which led to her being internet famous. Cassandra's social accounts are among most followed on internet today, has fastest growing followers. with largest fanbase and several other fanbases that involved Korra, other characters, video games, movies was following her already. presently, her Facebook account now has over 3,000 followers, continues to grow.


everybody believes that with where she goes, her followers will follow. it was what she had used to help others who had difficulty in acquiring help, what they needed. Cassandra gave them that. she used her popularity to help people, even to spread news about things that were affecting her people, her country.


she has appearances on Multiplayer sessions of GTA Online, War Thunder, Star Trek Online, Dragon Ball Xeroverse, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 1, Star Wars The Old Republic, World of Warships, Saints Row 3, Saints Row 4, Smite and other dozens of games.

her most constant appearances are mostly locked to GTA Online, IMVU and Second Life.

she is also famous for her stories as erotica storywriter.. as well for normal stories. none other than Star Trek: Kamidake and several other stories.

her last singing appearance was on There.com, a 3D avatar social chat. one of most oldest chat worlds. she was also a member of VMTV 3D in which she made regular appearances to sing for her community.


she made surprise appearances to support her friends who were bullied by others and to teach others how cyberbullying, bullying can affect, impact person's life.. not just everybody but also the person doing it. the act of bullying and violence was constant in her life since 2008. she was bullied, defamed and attacked, trolled by members of very toxic community, Bioware Social Network, also known as BSN. she received worst of it in early 2010. constant attacks, trolled, death threats, Hack threats were common with her account on BSN. in August 2016, she formed a new Bioware forum in response to closure of official forum and to combat other unofficial BSN forum which would be later known as most toxic community like it did with original BSN. her forum was named Unofficial Bioware Social Network, uBSN. it was designed to be LGBT-friendly, user-friendly forum. to this day, her forum still exists despite other unofficial bsn forum constantly attacking her forum, urging others to not join it.


her father is most dangerous person in her home state, her father is the Washington State's Mafia Boss. her mother raised Cassandra with group of women, raised to know difference between right and wrong. her parents made sure she did because they want her to become who she is. no restrictions on what should be her life, it was all left to Cassandra to decide. in 2008, she decided to choose right thing to help others. it had been stuck with her since then.


her Professions:

Erotica Writer/Storywriter at Legend of Korra: Amon's Pet (Facebook page, Story page)

Lead Administrator Avatar Korra at Waifu Commission Redux (Facebook page)

Lead Administrator Avatar Korra at Waifu Universe (Facebook page)

Founder, President at United Nations Space Command (Facebook page, real life military named after Halo fictional military)

Forum Administrator at Tenchi Universe (Facebook page, active forum)

Forum Administrator at Bridge Commander (Facebook page, active forum)

News Article Creator, Founder, Creator, Journalist at Gaming United News (Facebook page)

Administrator at Power Rangers Universe (Facebook page)

Forum Administrator Koasa at SWTOR (Facebook page, active forum)

Facebook Page Administrator at Dragon Nest: Warriors's Dawn (Facebook page)

Facebook Page Administrator at Dragon Nest 2: Throne of Elves (Facebook page)

Creator at Zeldaian Guides (Facebook page, active forum)

Administrator at Zelda Social Network (Facebook page, active forum)

Founder, Owner at Zelda Shop (Facebook page, active store)

Administrator at Avatar Fonts (Facebook page, active website)

Forum Administrator at Unofficial Bioware Social Network (Facebook page, active forum)

Forum Administrator at Transgender America (Facebook page, active forum)

Actress/Adult Actress/Model at Saturn Entertainment Inc. (Facebook page)

as Korra at Legend of Korra Live Action Series (Facebook page, active forum, active webseries)

Creator,Owner,Admin,Editor at Cassandra Saturn (Facebook page, active website)

Administrator at Korrasami Forever (Facebook page)

Reviewer, Administrator at Cassandra Saturn's Reviews (Facebook page)

Erotic Cosplayer at Saturn Erotica (Facebook page)

Erotica Writer/Artist at Tumblr (Facebook page)

CEO & President at Crossphase Studios (Facebook page, active forum, website)

Cosplayer at IMVU (Facebook page)

Designer at Korra Designs (Facebook page, active forum, website)

Virtual Cosplayer at Saturn Entertainment Inc. (Facebook page)

Former Volunteer at Gotta Store It (Facebook page, active business)


Military History



her family also are military generation that dates back to beginning of World War II. her father owns Panzer IV Main Battle Tank (MBT) which was given to Cassandra on her 16th birthday. her family fought in every theater of War. from Germany to Japan during 1941 to 1945. her great great grandfather was one of members who were instrumental in creation of Iran Air Force in 1946 after WWII. Cassandra is only last surviving member of her family that is not allowed to serve her country because she’s deaf. and the very last member with blood of military life that flows inside her. her family is also related to General Douglas MacArthur on cousin’s side.

despite her deafness, she excels at military tactics in use by today’s modern military. she plans to form her own military to defend her country from any potential threats. Cassandra was one of Tank commanders during the special war games developed by her father in 2015, that which defeated 250 tanks with her Panzer IV. awarded best tactician of the year, she went on to command a armored battalion for patrol in Florida during Summer of 2016. it was where she had met a formidable tank commander Lana. both later became friends shortly after. it was revealed that her tactics which was used in war games came from Girls und Panzer tv series. later adopted by her. it is no surprise that she is proud of her deaf and military heritage.


(more information to be added later)

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