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  1. WLXUltra

    BCSO - Adams County

    i really like your liveries can you do LSPD livery for Izick's CVPI please ?
  2. WLXUltra

    [ELS] 2011 Ford Crown Victoria P7B - BCSD

    i dont know how to do it man im gonna ask to @Mikofiticus
  3. WLXUltra

    [ELS] 2011 Ford Crown Victoria P7B - BCSD

    @Izick I mean los santos police department livery. You did LSSD and BCSD version already.
    its really good but can you add ALPR cameras behind it ? its looks really awesome if you do that.
    its looks amazing can you make LSPD version of this ?
  4. WLXUltra

    [ELS] Pierce LAFD based firetruck

    nice mod but lights are wrong can u update it ?
  5. WLXUltra

    [ELS] MTL Fire Truck

    its looks amazing. But any chance to close white blurry front lights ?
    awesome mod. can you guys make lspd skins for these
  6. WLXUltra

    LSPD Pack [ELS]

    its awesome mod until i found a glitch. if you crash with CVPI its making a exploding baby. idk why but its totally wrong. can you update it please ?
  7. WLXUltra


    can you fix amber lights ?
  8. WLXUltra


    Its awesome for VisualV. I appreciate it.
  9. Amazing Work! If you add 2 more livery spots that would be awesome. Cause when i call SWAT backups in countyside, Sheriff SWAT should come. When i call in Los Santos City then LSPD SWAT should come. I edited backups.xml but i couldnt edit riot livery :(
  10. WLXUltra

    Seatbelt Chime

    Working Perfect! Awesome Idea.
  11. WLXUltra

    Seatbelt Chime

    Its working perfect, awesome mod! Like your other mods, I appreciate it! You all doing RP when on duty dont ya? But you need to remove it from bikes and boats.
  12. WLXUltra

    BMW R1200RT Dutch Police BETA

    You guys need to do a LSHP skin for it. I wish i can but i dont know.