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  1. Voit Turyv

    Improved Vapid Bullet Pack

    The pack on LCPDFR is woefully outdated. Use this instead: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/vapid-bullet-improved-unmarked-voit-turyv
  2. Version 2.0


    A beefier cousin of the original Buffalo bearing a moniker of S/C trades reasonable turning radius and a mediocre V6 for a V8 so brutal it could smash its way out of engine bay and strangle a chased criminal with its timing belt, had it been animated. Increased mass results in a car that feels more like a battle cruiser than a police cruiser. Only a well-placed shot from an anti-materiel rifle to the engine may halt its destructive march - or a carefully placed Hunter attack helicopter piloted by a drug addict halfwit. Five-Star Police Auctions Installation guide in a readme file in the archive. This is an improved model of original Bravado Buffalo. As of 2.0, it comes in 7 flavours: • LSPD model (polbufsc), • unmarked LSPD model (polbufsc2), • LSSD model (sherbufsc), • two SAHP models (hwaybufsc, hwaybufsc2), • FIB model (fbibufsc), • NOOSE PIA model (noosebufsc). FEATURES: • NEW! SAHP with a lightbar: new lightbar based closely on Whelen Liberty used on CHP vehicles - custom model with LED-based lighting setup, 4 liveries. • NEW! FIB: lighting setup based on vanilla FIB cars with an addition of flashing headlights and reversing lights, spawns with a few shades of black and tinted windows. • NEW! NOOSE Patriotism and Immigration Authority: lighting setup and 2 liveries based on US Customs and Border Protection vehicles, spawns with one of the following set of modifications: a) passenger rear doors, b) police rear doors + prisoner divider + pushbar, c) police rear doors + prisoner divider + pushbar + loudspeaker. • Full livery support: 4K template available in the archive. • Body: remodelled rear fascia (reminiscent of 2006-2010 Dodge Charger), new badges, new grille with transparent mesh, front plate, third brake light, various minor improvements. • Interior: added pedals, added column shifter, improved rear seats. • Wheels: colourable police-grade steel rims, secondary coloured brake calipers. • Engine: new model, secondary coloured block, shaking. • Handling: higher top speed, stronger understeer at higher speed, increased mass. • Law enforcement variants: lore-friendly recreations of 2006-2010 Dodge Chargers used by Los Angeles, California-based police agencies and nation-wide US federal agencies: accurate liveries, lighting setups and interior equipment, wobbling antennae. • LSPD/LSSD: new lightbar based loosely on Federal Signal Arjent S2 used on LAPD/LASD vehicles - custom model with LED-based lighting setup; Power Metal branded pushbar with working red side lights (LSSD); glass/meshed prisoner partition, dummy passenger door cards; 8 liveries (LSPD), 4 liveries (LSSD). • LSPD unmarked: lighting setup based on unmarked LAPD vehicles used until 2011, will spawn with alloy or black rims. • SAHP: Power Metal branded pushbar with angled red LED lights and a loudspeaker, rear deck traffic advisor lightbar, working spotlights with breakable glass, 5 liveries (4 black and white, 1 all-white). • All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, all LODs etc. This mod includes a config file for an Auto Engine Sound Swapper script that changes the engine sound of any Buffalo S/C variant upon spawning to a meaty V8 - while keeping audible sirens! It also disables the radio in that car. Special thanks to Eddlm for preparation of the script. CREDITS: Rockstar Games - original vehicle and police equipment models. Voit Turyv - car model and template, law enforcement variants, livery designs, lightbar models: LSPD, LSSD, SAHP, NOOSE PIA. 11john11 - emergency lighting setups, research, beta testing, screenshots. Eddlm - support for Auto Engine Sound Swapper script. le_shark - improved rear end model. Boywond - Buffalo S/C badges. Johnny362000 - handling. NefariousBonne - police console model, research. Audi_Antrax - additional screenshots. If you want to modify the model or reupload it somewhere else, make sure to contact me and give credit.
  3. Well, the main source of inspiration was Carson Annihilator, which is rather similar to 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner:
  4. Version 2.0.0


    Affordable by 1969 standards, the embodiment of vintage badass lifestyle, Declasse Vigero Rumbler includes hidden headlights, refreshed rear fascia, and a mighty big block engine ready to lead you head-on against oncoming traffic. Get a pretty girl, some green grass and hit the paradise. Southern San Andreas Super Autos, Declasse Vigero Rumbler Rumbler Street Rod represents the crowning glory of blue-collar street racing. With an oversized blower sticking out of chassis, nocturnal purple paintjob seemingly borrowed from some Japanese rice rocket, and slight tendencies to wheelie upon acceleration, this monster has nothing to fear except vehicles capable of cornering. Southern San Andreas Super Autos, Declasse Vigero Rumbler Street Rod Imagine you're a 1960s cop behind the wheel in some dilapidated sedan, and then your ensured happiness when you're about to drive the nefarious Vigero Rumbler outfitted with police equipment. The only thing more terrifying than its hidden headlights is a lightbar, flashing in all directions, with the zealous cop longing for blood and engine oil of criminals he's pursuing. Five-Star Auctions ========== CHANGE LOG: v2.0: + General: new light textures, chrome front indicators, carburettor now shakes with engine, wheel model tweaks, minor model tweaks, added LSPD lightbar model to template. + Added variants: LSPD, LSPD unmarked, LSSD, SAHP. + Rumbler: added 3 liveries (Gorilla Style, Blazing Phoenix, Tattered Phoenix), changed engine sound, renamed OEM Stripes ## to OEM Black Stripes, OEM Black Streak and OEM White Streak. + Street Rod: added nitrous tank (between seats) and fuel cell (in trunk), widened front fascia holes. + PCPD: new pushbar light textures, added radio, minor livery tweaks. v1.0: Initial release. ========== Installation guide in a readme file in the archive. This is a custom vehicle based on original Declasse Vigero. As of 2.0, it comes in 7 flavours: • stock model (vigero3), • LSPD model (policevig3), • unmarked LSPD model (policevig32), • LSSD model (lssheriffvig3), • SAHP model (hwayvig3), Two models based on various variants of Carson Annihilator from Burnout Paradise: • Street Rod (vigero4), • Paradise City Police Department (pcpdvig). FEATURES: • Full livery support - 4K template including tuning parts available in the archive. • 12 community created liveries: OEM stripes, Annihilator-styled stripes, military-inspired stencil (Land Dogfighter), racing livery (Globe Oil), two flame liveries (Blazing Phoenix and Tattered Phoenix), 1969 Chevrolet Camaro livery based on its appearance in Gorillaz - Stylo music video (Gorilla Style). • New front fascia design: working hidden headlights, added indicators, curved bumper, extra licence plate. • New rear fascia design: reworked bumper and taillights, extra rear window louvres, squared exhaust tips. • Wheel design: new rims, slightly wider rear tyres. • Engine: new model, shaking. • Wobbling antenna. • Original Vigero tuning parts plus mapping and minor improvements. • Mirrors: new design, moved from front fenders to doors. • Badge design: new Rumbler badges, replaced Declasse logo with a vintage variant. • Law enforcement variants: late 1960s Los Angeles and California-based liveries and equipment: custom tin can lights made from default parts, each individual lamp glass can be broken, working breakable spotlights, scratch-made pushbars, appropriate interior and trunk equipment, cop-grade colourable rims. • Street Rod variant: custom front-raising handling, custom livery, custom rims. • PCPD variant: equipment and livery closely based on Carson PCPD Annihilator design: Twinsonic-based lightbar, new decals. • All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, all LODs etc. MODKIT ID: 400 Known issue: liveries are not selectable in LSC and have to be applied in a trainer (recommended Simple Native Trainer). CREDITS: Rockstar Games - original car model, original equipment models. Voit Turyv - car model improvements and variants, UV mapping and template, LSPD and LSSD lightbar models, SAHP pushbar model, text files. 11john11 - PCPD lightbar model, lighting setups designs, round police light texture, research, providing information. Da7K - rear window louvres model. Skitty - LSSD pushbar model. Johnny362000 - custom handling for Street Rod variant. Aquamenti - LSSD lightbar support plate model. LIVERY AND GRAPHICS ARTISTS: artistraaw - Street Rod, PCPD-styled LSPD badge. Boywond - Annihilator stripes, Rumbler badge. DeathByAmbient - OEM stripes. DynamoHotRun - Globe Oil, Land Dogfighter, Gorilla Style. JoonasPRKL - Blazing Phoenix, Tattered Phoenix. TheShotty - Street Rod livery extraction from Burnout Paradise game files. 11john11, NefariousBonne, Voit Turyv, Yard1 - law enforcement variants decals. SCREENSHOT ARTISTS: DynamoHotRun, 11john11, JoonasPRKL. If you want to modify the model or reupload it somewhere else, make sure to contact me and give credit.
  5. Voit Turyv

    1991 Declasse Premier - LSPD [Add-On/Replace]

    I don't use real vehicles unfitting the game, and therefore, I don't need 1440p to play GTA.
  6. Voit Turyv

    1991 Declasse Premier - LSPD [Add-On/Replace]

    I fail to see the black square you're mentioning. How about you enlarge the picture even further so that I could see something that I'm pretty sure is not present?
  7. Voit Turyv

    My Very Frist CopCar

    Vapid Stanier 2nd gen.
  8. Voit Turyv

    Vapid Uranus PSP Pack [Add-On | Template | RDE-Style]

    Are you running the recent GTA V update? If so, ScriptHook for it is unavailable yet, and that renders any custom mods non-working for the time being. Either that, or you hit the DLC limit if you're on the older version. I tested the pack on clean mods folder and I encountered no crashes.
  9. I understand it's just a tribute kind of livery, but the vehicles could be more accurate. For instance, any Jeep Grand Cherokee from around 2004 would be a better choice for an SUV. Same thing about the car that is to bear the Rockport State Police livery - in this case, 2005 Pontiac GTO instead of Charger. The texture quality also looks questionable. A bit more work and it could be a good real-life model alternative for my lore-friendly Rockport PD pack.
  10. Voit Turyv

    My unmarked fleet is complete!

    @GunnDawg You're missing a quicker unit or two.
  11. Voit Turyv

    What cars do YOU use?

    I use my own content.
    This improved Stanier begged for a law enforcement variant. Good companion for my undercover Faction for sure.
  12. ThriftEX BulkBar That must be the first recorded attempt at giving a lore-friendly name and manufacturer to a lore-friendly lightbar.